Winnie Harlow Praises Kim Kardashian for Using Alice Marie Johnson as Face of Shapewear Line (Exclusive)
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"For her to hire and give this woman a job. She's really practicing what she preaches," Harlow says of Kim.

Winnie Harlow supports Kim Kardashian's decision to use Alice Marie Johnson as the face of her shapewear brand, SKIMS Solutionwear.

While out in New York last week, the model weighed in on the reality star's impact on the fashion world by helping women like Johnson, who was facing a lifetime in prison before Kim worked to get her clemency.

"She's already proven she has that power," Harlow said when asked if Kim has the ability to not only impact the fashion world but help those forgotten by the system. "She's freed people. So definitely."

When asked about the significance of Johnson being the spokesperson for the shapewear line, Harlow said, "Yeah, I think a lot of things that [Kim's] for is not just getting them out, but then making sure that they have work and amazing things do to once they're out."

"And a lot of people don't hire when you're out of prison," she continued. "So for her to hire and give this woman a job. She's really practicing what she preaches."

In Johnson's ad for SKIMS, which dropped last week, the former convict expressed her love for the shapewear brand and more importantly, her freedom.

"Waking up in the morning and not having a bunk bed over my head is precious to me," Johnson said in the clip. "Being able to open the door whenever I want to and just walk outside and breathe in fresh air, to breathe in freedom. That is precious to me."

She continued, "This shapewear makes me feel that I can walk into the store, I can pick up something that I normally wouldn't even think about wearing, and I can put it on. And, it's going to look great on me. This shapewear makes me feel free."

Harlow also reacted to Kate Upton's comments from last month where she said the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was a "snoozefest" -- watch it in the clip above.

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