Watch Melissa McCarthy Prank Dry Cleaners As Ellen Gives Instructions In Her Ear
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"I'm f--ked up," McCarthy expressed to the cashier at one point.

Melissa McCarthy and Ellen DeGeneres make quite the devilish duo.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Ellen Show," the actress became the daytime host's latest partner in crime for the show's hilarious prank routine, where Ellen has a hidden camera crew follow a celebrity as they repeat everything Ellen says and instructs them to do in their ear.

McCarthy was tasked with pranking a local dry cleaner in Burbank. Immediately after entering the shop, the actress, per Ellen's instruction, began to explain to the cashier that she was having "a day" because she accidentally took Tylenol PM instead of regular Tylenol for her headache. And then to wake herself up, McCarthy said she drank some green tea, however, it was actually Sleepytime Tea.

"Oh no, so you're like super tired right now?" the cashier said to McCarthy, who replied, "I'm struggling. I'm f--ked up."

McCarthy then expressed to the cashier how she enjoys the inspirational quotes posted on the dry cleaners sign outside. Via Ellen's instruction, McCarthy asked the cashier if they take suggestions. And boy, did Ellen, have some good ones.

"Give a man a clean shirt and he'll press it for a day. Teach a man to press his shirt and we'll hire him," McCarthy recited and then laughed hysterically per Ellen's instructions. "Oh, that's a good one! You can see why I'm so successful."

After throwing in another suggestion, McCarthy was tasked to "start to fall asleep" and eventually fall down on the ground. It was at this point bystanders at the dry cleaners thought something was medically wrong with McCarthy and reached down to help her.

"Wake up and yell 'Emilio Estevez,'" Ellen told McCarthy.

As someone went to help her up off of the ground, McCarthy looked at the man and said, "Emilio Estevez."

However, nothing was as priceless as to when the cashier (and the entire dry cleaners) learned it was all prank.

"It's Ellen's fault! It's Ellen's fault!" McCarthy told the camera, while hugging the cashier.

Watch the full prank in the video above.

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