Florida Teen Accused of Stealing $400 From Parents to Pay Friend to Kill Them

The couple is pressing charges against their 17-year-old daughter, who allegedly paid a friend $400 to execute the hit, and then another person $900 when it didn't happen.

A Florida teenager has been arrested on charges of attempting to have her parents murdered.

Alyssa Michelle Hatcher is accused of stealing more that $1,400 from her mother and father's bank account to pay two separate people to kill them.

The plot was uncovered when the parents reported unauthorized transactions at an ATM to police, which brought about charges of grand theft, fraud and petit theft on their 17-year-old daughter. But they had no idea what the money was actually being used for.

According to a police affidavit, per WESH.com, a student at Umatilla High School told an officer that Hatcher had paid "a lot of money" to put a hit out on her parents.

When police interviewed her boyfriend, he claimed he had seen her at "a known drug house," where she informed him of her intentions.

Investigators intercepted Hatcher at her home, where she reportedly admitted paying a friend $400 to murder her mom and dad. When that didn't happen, she said she paid another person $900 to do it. She spent the rest on cocaine.

"Whether it was going to take place or not, the money did exchange hands and we're glad we were able to stop what could've happened," said Lake County Sergeant Fred Jones.

He confirmed that the parents are pressing charges.

"When it comes to something like that I cannot imagine the shock you would be in as a parent knowing that this is my daughter — what my daughter intended to do," Sgt Jones said. "This is a sad case when you think about the family dynamics and everything. I couldn't even imagine something like that."

"Kids say 'I hate my parents' all the time, those kinds of things... but to get to the point where it starts to circulate in your head that I'm going to go steal the card, I'm going to take money out of the ATM, and I'm going to try to pay someone for this to happen — that's when it does cross the line, and that's when it's a very, very serious charge."

Hatcher is being charged with two counts of criminal solicitation of murder.

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