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Meet the 16 new celebrities covering it all up to sing for glory -- plus, the internet's best and worst early guesses as to who's behind these intricate costumes.

Fox is hoping to kick off another "Masked Singer" frenzy with a sneak peek at the upcoming second season that featured all new clues to the 16 new singers (up from the dozen that took on the challenge in Season 1).

Based on how quickly viewers homed in on the identities of most of the contestants last season, host Nick Cannon promised that the clues will be more cryptic and the singers will be even harder to identify.

We can't imagine it going much worse for the judges, as Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger were absolutely incredible at guessing all the wrong people.

He also promised bigger stars that we've seen before, which remains to be seen. Generally speaking, Beyonce and Taylor Swift aren't going to do a show like this, while the likes of Joey Fatone and Tori Speling would. But that was before "The Masked Singer" became a cultural phenomenon.

After seeing the show and how much it resonated with fans, even eliciting genuine emotions a winner T-Pain used it as a vehicle to prove his doubters wrong and blow everyone away with is incredible voice, perhaps bigger stars were willing to sign on.

We, however, shall remain dubious and skeptical until we start seeing these celebs unmasked. That said, we did get some impressive numbers to ponder.

The 16 contestants combined have 140 films, 22 Broadway musicals, 22 gold records, 20 platinum records, 6 multil-platinum records, 31 Billboard #1 singles, 69 Emmy nominations, 19 Emmy wins, 42 Grammy nominations, 10 Grammy wins, 10 Lifetime Achievement Awards, 3 Walk of Fame Stars, 3 New York Times bestsellers, 2 Time magazine's Most Influential people, 7 Super Bowl appearances, 5 hall of famers, 15 marriages, 8 divorces.

Maybe Neil Patrick Harris is actually a part of the cast this season, though we're still doubtful Justin Timberlake or Barack Obama made the time.

One thing we will give credit to, though, is the incredible and beautiful costume design of all the new characters. That is award-winning work right there, and the fact that they are practical as well as intricately stunning is just a marvel.

As promised, there were a few morsels of clues for 15 of the 16 contetants. For some reason, Nick told us that the identiy of the last contestant (Ladybug) is being held back until the Emmys broadcast next week. We get hyping this show on that stage, but not saving the teaser until then.

Are they worried about Emmy ratings and hoping to lure "Masked Singers" audience into watching that show? Have awards shows sunk so low in ratings and importance? Maybe we don't want the answer to that.

Check out the clues for the first 15 "masks" below, as well as some very early, and very bad guesses, we're sure Then tune in Wednesday, September 25 at 8 p.m. ET for the official kickoff to Season 2.


Skeleton didn't really say anything other than bad skeleton puns, so the best clue appears to be the graves marker with the number 4261 on it. Could that be a birthday or some other signficant number related to their identity?

Hilariously, the Internet immediately jumped on it as a birthday and quickly found Christopher Meloni, which seems a bit of a stretch. But Terry Bradshaw and Ricki Lake did last season, so anything's possible. Another popular guess included Bobby Bones.


Fox referred to himself as a superhero, which could tie him to a superhero property. In this day and age, though, that doesn't narrow down much. His steampunk vibe could also be a clue. Also, he was seen near signs reading "Studio 46" and several saying "Crafty."

Some fans took the glowing eye to be indicative of Justice League member Cyborg, leading them to Ray Fisher. As the Fox is partially cybernetic, this works,, though Jeremy Renner is also a solid guess (if he would do this). We're also seeing guesses for Bradley Cooper.

Ice Cream

"I live for half of February," Ice Cream said in front of a calendar with Valentine's Day circled. There are also shots from a large Hollywood mansion; could that be a clue to where Ice Cream lives?

The internet is not feeling very confident on this one, though some have noted that NPH proposed on Valentine's Day. But that day is probably significant for lots of celebs. Beyond that, guesses floated everywhere from Scott Disick to Shane Harper and Freddie Higmore (the latter two born on 2/14).


This character is all about rock and roll, with a bizarre clue. "If you know an eagle's body temperature, you may be hot on my tail." The eagle's body temperature is 106 degrees Fahrenheit, or 105.8 to be exact.

The bandana and overall imagery, including the motorcyle, have the internet most confident that this is Bret Michaels of Poison fame. Unfortunately, we can't find a connection to the eagle's body temperature with Bret, but we're almost positive it's not their second favorite guess, Bruce Springsteen!


Tree said she was bringing us the "gift of joy" through her "delicious performances," which immediately had us thinking of the "Joy of Cooking" and getting hungry. Could this be a celebrity chef? How about the Tree itself being styled after a '50s pinup?

That last clue might have put people on to Dita von Teese, though Michelle Pfeifer also got some love for performing as a tree in "Grease 2." But the guess that ties into our chef theory is Rachael Ray, which could be fun, or "MasterChef" judge Christina Tosi..


More rock references, but the big line in the package is, "I love this mask as much as I love mascara." She also said, "Get pumped, everyone," emphasizing a focus on fitness and beauty. But it's not Kylie Jenner!

We got to see a snippet of her performance on "Lady Marmalade" and Flamingo has pipes. Internet guesses included Annie Potts ("Pretty in Pink"), Adrienne Bailon ("The Real") and P!nk (too obvious and not gonna happen), so really no one seems to have a grasp on this one yet.


Butterfly really really put the emphasis on the phrase "I just pray I don't fall over" regarding the size of the costume. As it was one of the few comments that wasn't a terrible butterfly pun, it feels important, meaning it is probably a clue to the identity of the person inside. A deeply religious person? Someone famous for their faith?

Internet speculation is dominant that this one is Michelle Williams, of Destiny's Child fame, though there are also guesses for Kesha, Chris Colfer and Taylor Swift (what did we say about her!). Michelle has had success as a gosepl artist and was even engaged to a pastor in 2018, making her a good guess here.


"I just have to get my hair done," Penguin says at one point. At another they refer to themselves as "cold as ice, but I'm bringing the heat." These are penguin references, sure, but there's also Vanilla Ice, who starred in "Cool as Ice."

That said while Ice was on a lot of people's minds, so were a lot of other celebs including Lady Gaga, Raven-Symoné or even Paula Abdul. Hearing their singing voices will help narrow these down tremedously.


Leopard sported a British accent and sounded very posh throughout, but was it real? She said she'd been "spotted with the president" and the costume was specifically designed to hide her "natural silhouette." What makes her silhouette so famous? Is it Dolly Parton?

But she also said she could "move meown-tains," which for some reason made us think of Julie Andrews ("The Sound of Music" perhaps). Still, several on the Internet ignored the accent to guess Omarosa, while others went with Monica Lewinsky, Mel B or even Sharon Osbourne. It could be anyone from "Celebrity Apprentice" after all.


Egg went very cryptic with their clue, saying, "My mom always told me, life has an expiration date, so always work hard for the first and last vowels of the alphabet." Could that be a reference to their own initials? A.U. or A.Y.? We've never heard this expression.

Amy Schumer was tossed out as a guess because Egg had lots of jokes and her first name starts and ends with "A" and "Y." There were sevel guesses for Vanna White, which would tie into letters because of "Wheel of Fortune" and a few feeling confident it's egg's best friend:


Lots of dog references here, obviously, including "best in show" and "working my tail off to earn your puppy love." The costume itself has a hip-hop vibe with rock-hard abs, but Tommy Chong did abs last year with Pineapple.

He aso mixed up the popular phrase to "roses are blue, violets are red," but that could have just been to rhyme with "head." The internet is all over the place on this one, with guess ranging from Donnie Wahlberg to Jason Derulo, Fred Durst and even the incredibly obvious Bow Wow.


Flower says, "I blossom in every field I plant myself in and I'm here to branch out yet again." From that one line alone, the internet is pretty sure this is Mayim Bialik ("Blossom"), who has proven herself brilliant in several different fields.

Her backdrop of flowers spelled out 314, and we have no idea what that could be referencing. Area code is St. Louis, so maybe someone from there? We did see Jenna Fischer as a guess, and she is from the STL.


Thingamajig is 7' tall in costume, but has massive hair and platform shoes, so could be under 6' in real life. Nevertheless, they said, "I will tower over the rest of the singer with my puzzling persona." Perhaps more significantly, he made a shout-out to "Star Wars," saying, "Don't call me Chewbacca, though we do celebrate together."

Probably too easy to be Joonas Suotamo, who took over the role from Peter Mayhew. Also that dude is 6'11" not in a costume. But another good guess is Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks and like T-Pain could be looking for a fresh start. That said, Wayne Brady got a lot of guesses and it could even be Will Arnett, whose birthday is May the Fourth.


Panda was another contestant who gave us cooking vibes, saying "the victory will taste sweet, like bamboo. Especially the way I prepare it." She also said she's got "the moves and the energy to go all the way."

This one is giving us more of a Rachael Ray vibe than Tree, though the internet went everywhere from Martha Stewart to Guy Fieri. Even Matt LeBlanc got a shout-out, so they're clearly grasping at straws here.

Black Widow

The words of Black Widow stayed pretty punny throughout, so our best clue we pulled out was a deck of Black Widow tarot cards. Honestly, it's not that much to go on, so we're pretty in the dark still on this one.

Yes, there were a lot of guesses for Scarlett Johansson, but please! Dionne Warwick and Zendaya got shout-outs, too, but for the most part, the internet is as flummoxed as we are. The Monster was a total mystery out of the gate, so maybe this bodes well for Black Widow.

Unknown Mask

Costume reveal saved for Emmy night, with many speculating this is Ladybug. But we know nothing more.

All will be revealed (slowly) over the course of "THe Masked Singer" Season 2, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX, starting September 25."

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