Chrissy Teigen Slammed with FaceTime Fan Calls After Accidentally Sharing Email Address
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The "Bring the Funny" judge took a huge risk and actually answered one of the incoming calls ... and it wasn't what she expected at all!

While many see Chrissy Teigen as a master of social media, she proved she's just as capable of making a boneheaded mistake as the next internet-savvy clapback queen.

While sharing an image from her computer, The "Bring the Funny" judge didn't realize what was visible on the screen until it was too late. And by then, her night of chaos was already underway.

It turns out the image she shared had her email address perfectly visible. And while that could be frustrating in general, just imagining how her inbox would get inundated with messages from fans, it's even worse in the era of FaceTime.

Of course, Teigen knows that her pain and suffering is fodder for her fan's delight, as they've always adored how real she keeps it, the model shared her wild and weird journey over the course of the next few hours, including the moment she bravely decided to answer one of the calls that was constantly streaming in.

Now, answering random FaceTime calls from total strangers is a dubious risk at best, but it's even more crazy to even consider doing it when you're a celebrity as famous as Chrissy Teigen. And on top of that, she did it with her mom. This could have gone wrong in so many ways, with Teigen clearly thinking of one of those ways even as she did it.

"Was 100 percent sure this was a penis," Teigen captioned video of her answering one of the calls. Thankfully, it was just a fan who was clearly shocked and stunned that Teigen had answered. He couldn't have been more sweet, though he was clearly starstruck talking to her.

"Hi, Ricardo, nice to meet you. This is my mom," Chrissy said after the man introduced him. "Thanks for calling me!"

People actually spoke with Ricardo after that moment went viral where he admitted he was absolutely "shocked" that she even answered. He added that he wished he had told her he was a big fan and that he'd love to meet her some day.

But Teigen didn't stop there, sharing more videos of her laughing and holding her hands over her face as her computer kept ringing and ringing and ringing. "Please stop I have a family," she wrote, but how could she have possibly expected them to stop?

Especially after she showed footage of her answering Ricardo's call. If she would answer one, her fans were likely guessing, perhaps she'd answer another and perhaps it would be theirs. Basically, she opened this can of worms by taking a gamble on Ricardo.

It's one of those moments where you feel bad for her on the one hand that her fans think they can just bombard her like this, assaulting her personal life with incessant FaceTime calls, but at the other time she totally and publicly gave them hope that she might answer.

It eventually became too much, though, and Teigen had no choice but to shut it all down. "Everything disabled and changed emails," she finally shared, ending the evening's festivities for good. This was less than an hour after the original post of her computer screen kicked off this madness. We can only imagine how many different calls she got.

And if she still has access to that email address, how many emails came flying in during that span of time. It's a testament to Teigen's connection with her fans and how closely they follow her antics that they were right there to immediately bombard her with their calls.

Only Ricardo got that fateful one-on-one with her, and even though he might wish he'd said more, it's probably enough that he got the absolutely craziness of her actually answering her call and got to share in the absurdity of the whole thing with her.

For now, it looks like it's all over ... at least until the next time she accidentally reveals too much. As Teigen reminded her fans, this isn't even the first time she's made this kind of mistake. "Not as bad as when I published m phone number on m dog's collar in my cookbook," she laughed to close the thread.

And she's right. You can delete a tweet and hope for the best. It's a lot harder to delete a book.

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