Brad Pitt Getting Interviewed by Viral Kid Reporter Is The Cutest Thing You See All Day
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See what Pitt said he wanted to be when he grew up as a child.

Brad Pitt is being put in the hot seat ... by an 11-year-old reporter.

In a cute clip released by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Friday, the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star was interviewed by Jaden Jefferson, a young journalist who went viral after he charmed audiences with his political coverage.

After appearing on Ellen's show last week, Pitt -- like so many others -- was so impressed by Jefferson's skills, he requested a sit-down interview with the young reporter. And yes, it was as adorable as one would expect.

Although Jefferson is only 11, the one-on-one included many thought-provoking questions. Right off the bat, Jefferson asked Pitt about his new film "Ad Astra," what it was like wearing a spacesuit and if he would ever want to go to space himself.

"I think I would," Pitt said. "I want to know what my odds are. I want to know safety issues. I want to know comfort, discomfort. 'Cause I imagine the first few flights are not going to be too luxurious."

The kid reporter asked the Hollywood icon what he wanted to be when he grew up when he was a child. Pitt's answer may surprise you.

"That's a really good question! You know, I wanted to build homes," Pitt said. "So, I was thinking about building."

"It was one of those natural things," he continued. "I always was really affected by a room and a building and how it would affect your feelings and the way different people lived and just the idea of construction. It was all fascinating to me."

Jefferson also through in some recommendations of places to visit and things to do if and when Pitt ever travels to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. At one point, Pitt turned the tables on Jefferson and asked him some questions about the Cleveland Browns.

As the interview came to a close, the "Fight Club" star applauded Jefferson's skills. The interview went so well, in fact, Ellen told Jefferson he'd be interviewing another A-list celeb. See who it is in the full clip, above!

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