Batman Fans Scrambling to Guess Which Villain Jonah Hill Might Portray in Robert Pattinson Film
Batman's Leading Ladies: Then & Now

Hill is reportedly joining the upcoming reboot of the franchise, alongside Jeffrey Wright, who is in talks to portray Commissioner Gordon.

Robert Pattinson may finally be getting some other actors to play off of in his reboot of the venerable Batman franchise, and Warner Bros. and DC Comics are pulling out all the stops with negotiations reportedly underway with Jonah Hill to play a classic Batman villain.

As reported earlier in the day, producers are also reportedly taking with Jeffrey Wright to take on the iconic role of Commissioner James Gordon. It's a role that requires a lot of gravitas, as well as a willingness to bend the rules and get into it with a vigilante who like to dress up like a bat. If we didn't already think Wright was a fantastic choice, his work on "Westworld" has been just further proof.

As for Hill, Variety is reporting that producers actually wanted him to be a part of Matt Reeves' "The Batman" even before they had their leading man. Once Pattinson was secured, they apparently went right to work trying to secure a deal with Hill, and it is reportedly very close to happening.

One thing that isn't being talked about, though, is what role he'll play in the film. Batman has a massive rogues' gallery of villains, many of which have already seen the big-screen treatment a time or two or three or four.

In most cases the Caped Crusader has faced off against one or two of his major villains, but Reeves has suggested he could face a literal "rogues' gallery" in this outing, with as many as six villains possibly appearing. According to various and unsubstantiated reports, "The Batman" could feature villains including the Penguin, Two-Face, the Riddler, Catwoman, Firefly and the Mad Hatter.

We can rule one of those out -- obviously -- but the versatile Hill could honestly take on any of the others and make something of it. That said, our pick would be The Riddler, as he could really make it his own and separate it from what Jim Carrey did most recently with (to?) the character.

And as that isn't an official list of villains for the film anyway, Batman fans took to social media with their own theories, suggestions and pitches for who Johan Hill should play in the film. And they're still speculating!

Check out some of their best (and worst) ideas and reactions below as we await an official announcement ... unless they decide to leave it as a surprise reveal in the film itself.

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