Why Meghan McCain Stormed Off 'View' Set Over Ana Navarro and More From Her Juicy 'WWHL' Appearance
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McCain also speaks out on her combative interview with Pamela Anderson and being a conservative voice on the morning show.

The tables were turned on Meghan McCain on Tuesday night, as she was the Hot Topic of the evening during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

McCain joined Kelly Dodd on the show, where she answered all of Andy's questions about the almost-daily fireworks on "The View," her relationship with her cohosts, the morning show's "combative" audience and her now-infamous interview with Pamela Anderson.

Last Friday, McCain got into it with guest host Ana Navarro and was seen walking off stage in a huff as the show was throwing to a commercial. Of course, Cohen had to get the scoop on what was going through her mind there -- and he said she often looks like she's "extra over it" with both the other women and those in the studio.

"I will say, the audience is extremely combative and it's nice to be in a positive audience," she said. "The booing and the heckling is a lot every day. I'm paid -- you're at 'The View' -- and I'm paid to give a different view. And so I would like us all, when people come, to roll it back because again, I'm just trying to do a very complicated job."

When asked if she feels she has an "extra hard time" with the other women when it comes to getting her POV across, she said she believes "everybody in America" is feeling the same way. "But vibe-wise, with the hosts, I'm actually much more comfortable with the main five hosts that I work with every day than I was last year because now it’s my third year," she responded.

Speaking directly about her walk-off, she added, "We are told by producers to leave the table if it's too heated. And I get touched up backstage with my makeup, so that's what I was doing. And I've done that many times over the years."

As Cohen said it reminded him of one of the Bravo reunions, McCain joked, "'The View' can be like the Housewives sometimes!"

While on the "WWHL" after-show, McCain was ask again about some of the show's more heated moments, including dustups with Joy Behar.

"Joy and I are pretty good. We can both let it roll off pretty quick because I think she gets that we're good sparring partners," said McCain. "Pamela Anderson was a rougher one for me because I felt like it was a very dangerous -- I felt like she was spewing propaganda on our show." More on Pam in a minute.

When asked how things were with Navarro following her walk-off, she said, "We went on the next segment and it like rolled right off."

She continued, "People that I think say dangerous things on the show, that’s a whole different thing. But look, my dad had a horrible temper in the Senate, famously, and our personalities are very similar. For me, it's passion. No disrespect, but a lot of people have failed at my chair on the show and I am on my third year. It’s the longest since Elisabeth [Hasselbeck], thank you very much, and I think part of it is I’m a true believer and I take it seriously."

When Andy said he worried the show was "taking an emotional toll" on her, McCain said she wished the producers on the show "would allow us to be more 360 degree people, because the show really is Hot Topic, which is always Trump’s ruining America, go for it. And then we have like two minutes, two minutes and then a guest."

"For me, it’s like, these are really intense times and I feel a huge responsibility to represent conservatives and Republicans, even though I’m not a Trumper, and it's a lot," she continued. "And even my executives can see that it's a lot publicly, and I'm doing the best I can. I have good days and bad days, but we're winning the ratings war by a long shot. But my family has similar concerns. I'm trying, but we're living in intense times."

When asked if the show needs a true Trump supporter on the panel, McCain said she honestly believed "Joy would walk if we had a Trump person there." She added that, as a conservative voice on the show, she tries to not only voice her opinions but also the opinions of some people she doesn't agree with as well. "I'm concerned because you're an extremely talented, famous producer," she told Andy, "and if you think that I'm too angry on the show, it's concerning to me."

"Do you want Trump for another six years, everyone?" she then asked. "Maybe listen to Aunt Meghan about some of the mistakes you made because I saw a lot of this coming!"

Lastly, McCain talked about her heated argument with guest Pamela Anderson earlier this month, where the two went head-to-head about the "Baywatch" alum's relationship with Julian Assange. While Anderson called him a whistleblower, McCain called him a cyberterrorist and pushed back hard on Pam during the interview.

Meghan said the two did not exchange any additional words backstage following the televised portion of the show. "And I will say, I was a big fan of hers growing up. I actually gave her final Playboy as a gift to my husband, ‘cause he had a crush on her growing up, and I was really disappointed with how it went," she continued.

"And I will say, Joy Behar actually gave me some really amazing advice: that I need to stop helping people get famous that are having a hard time, or get publicity, because getting in a fight with me is a really good way to get on the front lines," she added. "But I stand by everything I said. I think the message she’s giving is incredibly dangerous ... in terms to Julian Assange and cyberterrorism."

About her appearance on "WWHL," she added, "I love that I can make things so deep and intense on this show!"

Watch her go at Pam at the link below: