'RHONJ' Season 10 Trailer: Teresa's Alleged Affair, Joe's Deportation, Melissa's Outburst, Margaret's Meltdown
Biggest 'Housewives' Blowouts

"Like I even wanted to get married? No!" Joe tells Teresa over the phone, before Margaret calls a co-star a "walking yeast infection."

We are not ready for the return of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," and yet, it can't come soon enough.

Bravo just dropped the Season 10 supertease, which highlights Teresa Giudice's alleged affair, Joe Giudice's deportation, Melissa Gorga going off on who we think is Jennifer Aydin, and Margaret Josephs getting into it with Teresa, Jennifer, Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub. Jackie Goldschneider's eating disorders also creep back up, prompting her father to say the unthinkable.

"These women would hold a bloody knife, stab you in the back and say they didn't do it!" Margaret's heard saying at the top of the explosive, 2-and-a-half-minute clip. She's later seen telling someone, "I don't trust anybody."

Perhaps the feelings of resentment come from the backlash she no doubt faced after telling Melissa that "Teresa is cocktailing it up all night with some young guy."

"You keep poking at a bear, eventually the bear's gonna f--king eat you alive!" Teresa says, as footage of a blowout between her and Margaret flashes across the screen. "Who says I was cheating? That's f--ked up. That's f--ked up! Have you ever f--king watched 'The Godfather'?!"

"We're not the f--king Mafia!" a hysterical Margaret shouts back.

Teresa gets even angrier and throws a wine glass after she learns that Melissa called her "out of f--king control" and "embarrassing" to Jennifer.

Joe Giudice's somber voice is later heard revealing to his wife over the phone that he'd been ordered to be deported to Italy after completing his 41-month prison sentence for fraud. "He's gonna get shipped out of the damn country," Melissa says in disbelief, as Teresa and her four daughters sob. Gia even says she's not sure if she's "ready to let him go" as she consoles her younger sisters.

In what appears to be a different phone call to Teresa, Joe's tone changes as he says, "Alright, like I even wanted to get married? No!" Teresa looks over to Gia for sympathy, but Gia barks back, "That's your personal business with my father, so enough!"

Later, Melissa says an unnamed co-star "makes the Jersey girl in me come out" before she loses it on who we think is Jennifer in the next scene. Could it be a repeat of last year? (One can only hope.) After something gets tossed Melissa's way at a lunch table, she shoots up out of her seat and literally snarls at the culprit as Dolores holds her back. "Don't you ever..." Gorga warns. (Yes, looks like an exact repeat of last year.)

Margaret also gets into it with Jennifer over dinner after the latter shouts, "I'm a mother! That's my job, and I take it very seriously." Margaret barks back, "The only achievement you've ever had is marrying someone rich."

"Fred Flintstone called!" Jennifer hurls at Margaret, who was wearing cheetah print. "He wants his outfit back!"

Margaret later calls someone a "walking yeast infection," before footage shows Danielle Staub telling someone that Margaret's the "reason" she and ex-husband Marty Caffrey got divorced. "That bitch needs to be put on f--king mute! Home f--king wrecker!"

Margaret's then seen telling Marty, "I'm not letting you go back to her," before she tells Danielle to her face, "Don't be digging for gold. Fix your f--king soul!"

Last season, Jackie opened up about her issues with anorexia. In the trailer for this season, she's seen looking at photos from when she was younger and heavier. Her kids and dad are present, with her dad saying she's a "good inspiration to kids who are heavy."

"Dad, I almost died," Jackie replies, but her dad hits back with, "Look at you now! It's almost worth it." Her mouth dropped. So did ours. Later, Jackie sobs to Melissa, saying "eating disorders are really hard. That's why when people say I don't eat, it kills me 'cause I came so far."

In less explosive news: Joe Gorga and Margaret's husband, also named Joe, think Dolores is banging her ex-husband, Frank. Gia, who went to prom with Frankie Catania Jr., basically salivates as she and her mom watch him walk down a runway: "He's so hot!" And Melissa asks her kids how they feel about adding one more child to the family. Spoiler: Antonia says they "barely can handle" the three they have.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 10 premieres Wednesday, November 6 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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