Lana Del Rey's Hot Cop: 5 Things You Should Know
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He's also somewhat of a celebrity himself.

Lana Del Rey's summer sadness might be over ... it's already autumn after all.

And with the turning of the leaves comes a potential new romance as the songstress was pictured with a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer in New York's Central Park on Monday.

The officer in question, Sean "Sticks" Larkin, describes himself as "full-time popo, part-time crossfitter" in his Instagram bio and also happens to be somewhat of a celebrity himself.

Here's what you need to know about the silver-haired fox.

1: They May Not Even Be Dating

While Entertainment Tonight has reported that Sean and Lana are seeing each other, neither Sean nor Lana have officially confirmed their romance. For now, take solace in the fact that they follow each other on Instagram and were snapped taking what appeared to be a romantic stroll through Central Park together.

2: He's Got Two Jobs

Sean's a police officer in both real and reel life, with appearances as an analyst and host on A&E's "Live PD." And if you can't get enough of him in either role, follow him on Instagram -- he shares plenty of candid moments both in front of and behind the camera!

3: He's a Proud Dad, and Wants You to Know It

In case you needed another reason to love him, just look at this picture he posted of his son all dressed up for his 9th grade formal!

Although, maybe he should probably check his texts more often. Sorry, Alyssa!

4: He Got His Nickname from His Captain

Working in the police force gets intense sometimes. In an appearance on SiriusXM this March, Sean said that the nickname was actually an abridged version of "f--kstick", something his captain called him when he tackled an alleged criminal unarmed.

"Once I got into the police academy, he just started calling me Stick, which was short for...f-stick. And once we got onto the streets, people started hearing me called Stick from other officers. And just the way the street lingo goes, they thought it was Sticks."

5: He's Multi-talented

Besides posting the odd snippet of poetry on his Instagram, Sean's also proved his mettle as a songwriter -- just look at this snippet of a rap he posted on Twitter. Hopefully there's a Lana/Sean collab in the works...

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