'RHOA' Season 12 Trailer: Kenya's Divorce, NeNe Talks 'Open Marriages' -- Did Dennis Betray Porsha?
Biggest 'Housewives' Blowouts

Marc Daly will make his "RHOA" debut in a scene where he urges his wife to "take everything" because he'll "build it again."

Two new Housewives trailers in one week? What did we do to deserve this!

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" set the supertease bar quite high with an explosive preview for Season 10, but the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" may have just blown The Garden State out of the water.

You be the judge.

"Everyone seems like they're exactly where they want to be, but you always kind of expect some bullshit be coming," says Cynthia Bailey in the shocking, 2-minute preview of what's to come on Season 12.

Thanks to social media, we know the following: Cynthia's engaged, Eva Marcille's pregnant, Porsha Williams now has a gorgeous baby girl with fiancé Dennis McKinley, NeNe Leakes' husband is cancer-free, Kandi Burruss' businesses are booming, and Kenya Moore returned to the series with a husband and a "miracle baby."

However, we also know that Kenya recently filed for divorce from Marc Daly and that there were rumors about Dennis cheating on Porsha. In the trailer, both topics seem to take a front seat.

"Are you happy in this marriage?" Cynthia asks Kenya, who wipes away tears. "We're in a really low place right now," she replies, before cameras show her meeting with who may be an attorney. "Do you have a prenup with your husband?" the woman asks a crying Kenya. Marc will also make his "RHOA" debut in a scene where he urges his wife to "take everything" because he'll "build it again."

But Marc doesn't seem to be Kenya's only enemy. She also gets into it with "Shade Queen" Eva after she hurls across a table, "You don't want a problem with me! Trust me!" Fanning herself, Eva simply replies, "Vice versa."

"I made a mistake," Dennis is later heard saying, as Porsha sobs to her sister, "I'm like, I'mma work it out, but some stuff is not forgivable."

NeNe's later seen having a serious conversation about infidelity with husband Gregg Leakes. "You creep around Atlanta," she says sternly. "How you feel about open marriages?"

And even though we'll get to see how Mike Hill proposed to Cynthia, this season is not all "love and light" for the former model.

"You had sexual affairs, and this person is in my face all the time!" Mike says to an uncomfortable Cynthia, who storms out of her house in tears. NeNe later warns Marlo Hampton that "Cynthia has a side to her that you guys do not know about," before Kandi confronts Cynthia directly and says, "Somebody recorded you doggin' her out?"

In a later scene, Kandi goes in on her husband-turned-business partner, Todd Tucker, saying, "You got six new businesses, and you ain't did nothin' with 'em!"

The biggest blowout of the season appears to be Kenya-centric, because of course. "Somebody in this room is the f--king snake!" she shouts at the ladies, who are all crowded around her. According to the preview, hands end up flying shortly after.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 12 premieres Sunday, November 3 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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