Inside Sofia Richie's 21st Birthday Celebration

"I'm broke," says Scott.

Scott Disick and girlfriend/model Sofia Richie are prepared to drop some serious dough on a new house.

As Scott, 36, prepares to move out of his bachelor pad and into a place they can make a home out of together, he and Richie, 21, go house hunting in this new clip from Sunday's "Flip It Like Disick."

In the footage, viewers watch them check out a 12,000 square foot home in Malibu. The place comes with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a guest house, ball room and $19,995,000 price tag.

"You don't even have to go to Italy in the summer anymore -- I could make my own nudist colony here," exclaims Disick while visiting the property. "This house is insane, the lot size is like 22,000 feet, there's a tennis court, there's a pool, there's a pond, there's a gazebo, you name it. It is the sickest thing I've ever seen."

The ballroom was particularly of interest to Scott, who said he could throw his own version of the Met Gala inside the comfort of his own home.

But when it comes to maintaining the property, there are some additional expenses to consider -- especially after Richie says, "If we're gonna have horses, a horse stable ..."

"Horses?!" exclaims Scott. "I want a horse," his girlfriend responds.

Cue Scott: "And I'm broke."

See where else they look when "Flip It Like Disick" airs Sundays on E!

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