Beliebers in Mourning Over Justin Bieber as He Weds Hailey Baldwin for the Second Time
Everyone in Hollywood Who's Reacted to Bieber/Baldwin Engagement News

It was a national day of mourning among the Beliebers as the pop star's fans realized that their decade-long dream of marrying their idol was really and truly over ... again.

It was an emotional day for the bride, the groom and the groom's legions of Beliebers as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony and his fans took to social media to shed tears of congratulations for the new couple, and condolences for one another that Hailey was the Belieber he chose to marry.

In the end, there could be only one, though.

The star-studded South Carolina affair was apparently an all-weekend event, per TMZ. Sunday was jam-packed with activities, including a screening of their favorite movie "The Notebook," bowling, a dance party, and carnival-themed treats including ice cream and candy. They even reportedly staged a 1 a.m. water gun fight at the picturesque wedding venue (hopefully they kept this outside!).

And if it's hilarious picturing the bride and groom running around blasting their guests -- and maybe one another -- with water, let's paint a more complete picture, because TMZ reports other attendees included Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Jaden Smith, Chynna Philipps and the Baldwin brothers, father-of-the-bride Stephen and his brother, Alec.

When it came time for the ceremony itself, which was a more formal affair (we'd hope so!), E! News reports the bride was flanked by her sister Alaia and cousin Ireland, who recently had fun skewering her dad at "The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin."

As with roasts, the faux anger and outrage from Bieber fandom was their way of expressing their love and devotion to the superstar they've followed for more than a decade now, through the ups, the very low downs and now through his second wedding to Hailey Baldwin ... which is kind of like shooting a second arrow right through the first one that already hit the bullseye on your broken pre-teen heart.

This second wedding comes a year to the month after their secret marriage at a New York City courthouse. And while that came as a shock to Bieber's legions of fans, it was akin to ripping off a Band-Aid. This time, with extensive planning and an elaborate wedding weekend culminating in a gorgeous ceremony on Monday night, the couple is effectively dragging out the torment.

Or perhaps after a year of denial and false hope, this is the Biebers' way of making sure their fans know this marriage is legitimate and maybe it's time to take "Marry Justin Bieber" off of ye olde bucket list.

And it looks like his Beliebers are doing just that, and very publicly on social media as they await the official wedding pics.

You can see them -- or join them -- processing and moving through the stages of grief in the tweets below:

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