Debbie Harry Memoir Bombshells: Flashed by David Bowie, Ted Bundy Escape, Rape and Heroin
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"Face It" details jaw-dropping anecdotes from the life of Blondie's lead singer.

Debbie Harry has seen her fair share of sex, drugs and rock n' roll as the lead singer of Blondie, the pioneering band that formed in 1974.

And the darling of the New York City new wave punk movement, now 74 years old, details her life, filled with fascinating and often shocking anecdotes, in the new memoir "Face It", due out on Tuesday.

Harry, who hit it big with songs like "Heart of Glass" and "Call Me", shares stories of snorting heroin, surviving a home-invasion rape, meeting a musical legend in all his glory, and narrowly escaping a notorious serial killer.

Here are the biggest bombshells, revelations and takeaways.

David Bowie Whipped It Out

In 1977, Blondie was touring with David Bowie and Iggy Pop. One night, Harry wrote, the two iconic musicians were looking for cocaine. "Their connection in New York had suddenly died and they were out. A friend had given me a gram but I had barely touched it. I didn't care for coke too much — it made me jittery and wired and it affected my throat. So I went upstairs with my vast quantity of cocaine and they just sucked it right up in one swoop," she shared.

In appreciation, Bowie then took out his penis for an impromptu show-and-tell.

"After they did the blow, David pulled out his c--k, as if I were the official c--k-checker or something. Since I was in an all-male band, maybe they figured I really was the c--k-check lady. David's size was notorious, of course, and he loved to pull it out with both men and women. It was so funny, adorable and sexy."

Hitchhiking With Ted Bundy

En route to a party for the New York Dolls in the late 70s, Harry said she took a ride from a "handsome man" in a small white car. Once inside the car, she noticed a strong body odor from the driver and the window locked, with only a crack open. Harry sensed danger and opened the door from the outside and was thrown from the vehicle after the driver took a sharp turn.

After reading a story years later, Harry said she realized it was Ted Bundy, who was arrested in 1978 and confessed to over 30 homicides. The article described "the modus operandi (of) how he got his victims and it matched exactly what happened to me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up," she wrote.

However, experts have since cast doubt on Harry's claim, providing facts that make her story impossible. "My story has been debunked since because Bundy is said to have been in Florida at the time and not NYC. But it was him," she maintained.

Raped At Knife-Point By Burglar

When she was living with her boyfriend, Blondie guitarist Chris Stein, in New York in the 1970s, an intruder broke in their apartment and tied the couple up.

"He piled up the guitars and Chris’s camera and then he untied my hands and told me to take off my pants. He f--ked me. And then he said, 'Go clean yourself.'

But the robbery was more damaging than the sexual assault. "I'm very glad this happened pre-AIDS or I might have freaked. In the end, the stolen guitars hurt me more than the rape. We had no equipment," she wrote.

Sneaking Heroin To Her Bedridden Boyfriend

Stein was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called pemphigus vulgaris in 1983 and had to stay in a hospital for three months. During that time, Harry would ease his discomfort with her own remedy. "I kept him supplied with heroin," she detailed. "He was on heroin the whole time he was in the hospital. It kept him relatively pain-free and mentally less tortured."

And she would keep herself on the same treatment. "I was most certainly indulging, too, staying as numb as possible."

She also recalled her first time trying the drug.

"The first time I had done heroin was with Gil Fields, my boyfriend at the time and the drummer in my first band, The Wind In The Willows. I remember his tapping out this tiny little line of grey powder. And we snorted it up. And I felt a kind of rush I'd never felt before. I thought 'Oh, this is so nice, so relaxing. Aah, I don't have to think about things.' It was so delicious and delightful," she shared.

Phil Spector Shoved a Gun in Her Thigh-High Boots

After one of their shows in Los Angeles, Blondie was invited back to the mansion of Phil Specter, the famous music producer who is currently serving time in prison for fatally shooting an actress in 2003. Her boyfriend at the time "remembers Phil greeting us with a Colt .45 in one hand and a bottle of Manischewitz (wine) in the other."

"Then he started playing the piano. He wanted me to sit on the bench next to him and sing "Be My Baby" and some Ronettes songs with him. He kept making me sing and sing. I didn’t want to, because I had so many shows, but Phil was in his zone and was not to be denied," she continued.

"Phil took out his gun, stuck it into the top of my thigh-high leather boot, and said, 'Bang, bang!'" wrote Harry. "He was a genius, he had a gun and his paranoia was enormous... That doesn't always end well."

"Face It" is available October 1st.

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