Sarah Paulson Says Lisa Vanderpump 'Wasn't Very Nice' to Her at a Party
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We can almost hear Ken Todd shouting, "GOODBYE, SARAH!"

Sarah Paulson decided to brave the Lisa Vanderpump stans by going after the recently exited "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star.

While gearing up for Vanity Fair's famed lie-detector test, the Emmy award-winning actress looked to the man who was strapping her to the machine and said, "Did you watch the lie-detector test they did on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'? Because I wanna know whether you determine that to be a legitimate test or not. I mean, I can't tell if it was real. Was it real?"

Unfortunately, the test administrator said he had not watched the Season 9 episode in which Vanderpump willingly took a lie-detector test to prove to her doubting co-stars she didn't leak any PuppyGate-related stories to the press.

"You outta check it out," Paulson urged. "Let me know your findings."

That was not the last time Vanderpump came up during the 10-minute interrogation.

During the pop-culture portion of the questioning, the test administrator asked Paulson if she was going to miss LVP after the restaurant mogul abruptly left the series due to an incident with Dorit Kemsley that ignited a fallout with once-BFF Kyle Richards.

Voice trembling, Paulson replied, "Um, you know, I don't want her coming after me on Twitter, but I won't miss her." After a brief pause, she added, "I'll miss the dynamic she brings to the group, which is, you know, the fear of God she instills in everyone. But no, I won't miss her. I met her once at a party. She wasn't that nice to me."

"Am I gonna get in trouble for that?" the actress asked with genuine concern. "She wasn't that nice!"

We can almost hear Ken Todd shouting, "GOODBYE, SARAH," as he storms upstairs.

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