Wendy Williams Says Kylie Jenner 'Upstaged' Hailey Bieber at the Wedding
Inside Hailey and Justin's Star-Studded Wedding

And, according to Wendy, Hailey should have seen it coming.

All eyes should have been on the bride at Hailey Baldwin's wedding to Justin Bieber -- but some thought the spotlight was hijacked by Kylie Jenner after she showed up in a revealing gold gown.

The beauty mogul was among the guests at the star-studded affair, attending in a dress featuring an asymmetrical cutout over her cleavage. After Jenner shared photos of the look online, most of her fans commented on how gorgeous she looked -- but a few also accused her of being "rude" by "trying to look better than the bride."

Reacting to the getup on her talk show this morning, Wendy Williams agreed Jenner probably stood out more than Hailey at the wedding -- but that should have been expected by the bride when she invited her in the first place.

"I would wear that dress in 32 seconds if I could. She looks beautiful," exclaimed Wendy.

"Fans are thinking Kylie's dress is too sexy and inappropriate to be a guest at the wedding. Excuse me, if you're inviting a Kardashian-Jenner to anything you have, you have to understand how they are coming through," she continued. "All's I'm saying is hell yeah she upstaged the bride. But you invited Kylie and Kylie's part of a brand where sexification is always there. Kylie, you look gorge, Hailey get over it."

To be fair, Hailey herself hasn't actually said anything about Jenner's look.

Wendy then set her sights on Kendall Jenner, who wore what she considered a more "appropriate" dress to the event. "Kendall, you look great as well. Where'd you get all that hip?" she then asked. "Is that a Spanx with a pad? Both girls, to me, if you're gonna invite particular people you already know in real life to your ceremony, you must understand you will be upstaged."

In the end, however, it's Hailey who's still the big winner of the day.

"I don't really think it's a big deal seeing as both girls have no boyfriends, but Hailey's the one getting married to Bieber," said Wendy. "She's the one who's got the money and got the love!"

While Kendall attended with Fai Khadra, she made it clear they were just friends and not dating. Kylie showed up solo, before TMZ reported she and Travis Scott broke up.

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