Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. Play 'Never Have I Ever' on Ellen -- Reveal Tattoo Regrets, Fan Hookups and More
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The "Rhythm + Flow" castmates also spoke about working with Nipsey Hussle shortly before his tragic death.

Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. were put in the hot seat when they played "Never Have I Ever" on "The Ellen Show" Thursday.

The rappers and judges of the upcoming hip-hop competition series "Rhythm + Flow" got to know each other a little better as they played a very-entertaining round of the game with Ellen, revealing fun facts from who has hooked up with a fan, to who has a tattoo they regret.

Just in case you forgot how the game goes, celebs are asked by Ellen if they "have" or "have never" done something, and they answer by holding up a paddle. The daytime talk show host also participates in the game.

"Never have I ever...hooked up with a fan," Ellen asked the group first. While Cardi, Chance and Ellen both flashed the "I Have Never," side of the paddle, T.I. admitted he had. However, Cardi then backtracked and said that since her husband Offset was a fan before they got together, she technically has hooked up with a fan. (Okurr!)

When asked who has ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person, it was Cardi who was the odd one out. "I just be typing so fast!" she laughed. "That's not for you!"

One of the greatest revelations was when both Cardi and Chance both admitted they have some ink they regret.

"I have like three different man tatted on me, you know what I'm saying?" Cardi said. "They gotta go!"

"It's not really funny, I just have a really bad tattoo on my chest," Chance answered. "It says 'Get back to work,' but it's like backward so that when you read it in the mirror, it's like, 'get back to work!' It's the worst thing I ever did."

When asked by T.I. if getting the ink was a dare, Chance replied, "Nah, I thought it was deep. I thought it was cool. It's so stupid though."

See who has snooped through their significant others' phones, kept their engagement a secret and more in the full game below.

Meanwhile, during their wide-ranging interview with Ellen, Cardi spoke about her acting debut in the critically-acclaimed film, "Hustlers," starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and more.

Ellen praised the rapper on her small, yet memorable role and asked Cardi if she sees more acting in her future. And Cardi's answer was an unsurprising Cardi response.

"I enjoyed it," she said of her experience. "I couldn't believe like I was on set for like 16 hours and then like god damn, is this what actors and actresses gotta go through? Artists, we have long days, but it's just full of excitement like we move around. [But on the movie] you gotta wait in the trailer until it's your gotta do the same scene like 20 times."

"You're not going to do that again are you?" Ellen asked and Cardi replied, "Oh yes, I am. Yup. I'm going to film for a movie this month...I enjoy the checks."

On a much more serious note, the group recalled having rapper Nipsey Hussle as a guest judge on their show shortly before he was tragically shot and killed back in April.

"It was a huge honor," Chance said of Nipsey.

In fact, T.I. explained how later after they filmed he, Jay-Z, Dave Chappelle, and Snoop Dogg attended Nipsey's Grammy nomination party. The late rapper was nominated for Best Rap Album, which ended up being awarded to Cardi.

"We had some laughs it was a great time," T.I. recalled.

Chance, who married his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley last March, also spoke about how Cardi's husband Offset encouraged him to tie to the knot. Check it out in the clip below.

"Rhythm + Flow" begins streaming on Netflix October 9.

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