Sharon Osbourne Reacts After Simon Cowell Claims They Ended Their Feud
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Sharon points out one part of Simon's story that doesn't quite track on today's episode of "The Talk."

Simon Cowell recently announced he and Sharon Osbourne had ended their feud that began after she blasted the TV exec for firing her from "The X Factor," allegedly for being "too old."

He told Mirror UK last week that he had "phoned her up the other day" to extend an olive branch, which Osbourne could only half-corroborate on Monday's episode of "The Talk."

When asked how it felt to be "friends again" by co-host Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon replied, "Well, we were never -- for me -- not not friends. It's because for me, it was business, not personal. And there's a huge line between... That's what happens when you work with people that you like, you know? You fall out business wise, but for me, I say what I feel at the time, and for me, it's over."

"And because I said certain things about and to Simon doesn't mean I hate him forever; just for that second I don't like him!" she added. "But not hate. I never use the word hate when I talk about people. He's okay! I just don't wanna work with him."

Inaba pressed, "He said he called you the other day?" almost as if she knew there was more to the story.

"The other day was May 2018," shouted Osbourne, who was met with a roar from the audience. "I haven't heard from him since May 2018! But that's fine! Listen, that's fine. He doesn't have a great memory."

"It's fine!" she assured her co-stars, who were also in stitches. "I'm happy that he now thinks about me as his friend, which is fine. I don't have beef with anyone 'cause I get it out at the moment. And that's what people don't understand -- I say what I feel, and then it's gone. I don't have grudges. Why?"

When Eve noted that Simon's had "a lot of time to reflect on things," Shannon agreed, jokingly tacking on, "[like] how much he misses me!" She also said she wouldn't say no to a future job offer from Mr. Cowell; it'd just have to be at the right price. "Sure, he can buy me! ... It would be about 7 mil. So, love ya, baby!"

According to Cowell, this is what he said to Osbourne when he called her up to squash their beef: "Look, I'll be honest with you. How could I criticize you for being mouthy when it's the reason I hired you in the first place?!"

He went on to tell the publication, "Sharon gets a bit carried away, but deep down, she's got real affection for the shows. There will be other versions of these shows, I am sure, and she is always welcome back. If ever she had an issue, I'd be on a plane in 5 seconds; she'd do the same for me. I know that about her. There's absolutely no bad blood at all, and I like I said, when people think I'm annoyed with her, I'm not! She's a good friend and always will be."

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