'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

"Let's see her texts to Jeremy," exclaims Aleeah as she runs off with the phone.

It might be time for Leah Messer to change her iPhone password.

On Tuesday's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," the reality star's three daughters -- Adalynn, Aleeah and Aliannah -- got hold of her mobile device and ran off with it, reading her text messages to her ex, Adalynn's father, Jeremy Calvert out loud.

Aleeah, Messer's 9-year-old daughter with Corey Simms, was the one who began reading the texts to her sisters. "Let's see her texts to Jeremy," she exclaimed. "She said 'Heart, heart, kissy, heart' and he said 'cry, cry, kiss face,'" she added, reading the emojis exchange.

Addie then called out her mom for being "in bed" with Jeremy.

As Leah spoke with her daughters about her complicated feelings for Jeremy, she explained that she was trying to navigate it in a way that wouldn't be confusing for them.

"I like Jeremy because it's Addie's dad," she told the three girls. "Do I think there's any possible relationship stuff? I honestly don't know. We're going with the flow, whatever happens happens. We're doing the best thing for Addie. We are not dating, I am single, Jeremy's single, doing our thing."

"I also feel that is adult stuff I don't want you to be a part of," she added. "If something was happening I would definitely tell you."

Later, Leah spoke with her sister about the situation, once again reiterating she didn't want her kids to be confused. Addie interrupted the conversation, whispering questions about Jeremy into her mother's ear.

"You want to know if we're getting back together? Well, I don't want it to be confusing for you," said Leah. "I know you want us to get married but we don't know what would happen. Right now we get along and do fun stuff with you, isn't that nice? I don't want you to ever be confused. Mommy and daddy love you."

As she and costar Kailyn Lowry planned a trip to Hawaii together with all their kids, Leah said she planned to invite Jeremy, something Lowry thought was a good idea. When she then floated the idea past her ex, she filled him in on all the conversations she had been having with her daughters.

"We were goofing off and Aleeah took it that we're sending each other kissy faces and she started running around the house saying that we were sending each other kissy faces and made a big deal out of it," she relayed to him. "Addie took it to a whole other level. All kids have this idea their parents are going to be together but neither of us want to lead her on, so if anything, I was like, 'Addie, your daddy and I get together so we can have fun with you.'"

She then commended herself and Jeremy for not showing too much affection toward each other as they figure out what they are. As for that trip to Hawaii, Jeremy wasn't sure if he could make it -- and would end up being a last minute decision depending on his work schedule.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays on MTV.