B5 Open Up About Reunion, Tease Forthcoming EP 'New Jacksons' (Exclusive)
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"The group has different palettes and colors now," Brian tells TooFab. "We all bring that individually."

B5 is ready for their comeback.

In an interview with TooFab, the boy band opened up about reuniting last year and how taking their time apart to work on themselves individually strengthened the group as a whole.

B5 -- which consists of the five Breeding brothers, Kelly, Patrick, Dustin, Bryan and Carnell -- was formed back in 1998. Over the years, the group dropped two albums and multiple singles but sadly went on hiatus in 2013. In 2018, B5 reunited and officially got back together.

Although the group expressed how not much has changed for them, there is one big difference between B5 now versus back then: they don't have a record label and are doing it all on their own. And they love it.

"We are 100 percent hands-on in this project," Patrick said of the band's upcoming music. "We have a new EP coming out called 'New Jacksons' and us five are like 100 percent collectively all in as far as writing...choreography... music video concepts. That's one thing since we've gotten older in the industry like we just took it [upon] ourselves. We're going to show everybody exactly who we are."

"So right now we're doing it to be completely independent," Brian added. "As in the past when we were younger, we always did it with the record labels and all of those things. We took all of that knowledge and information and elevated it to where we are now."

B5 expressed how splitting up and working on themselves individually actually made them stronger as a group.

"We got to really perceive life like within ourselves," Carnell said. "And they we just brought it back together and it's way better, we're a lot stronger now."

"The group has different palettes and colors now," Brian added. "We all bring that individually."

The band's upcoming EP "New Jacksons" comes from the group's life-long inspiration from the Jackson 5. Hear more about their new music and how B5 reunited in the full interview, above.

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