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The "No Problem" rapper shares his "non-confrontational" solution for what to do if a collaborator turns in a verse you don't like and breaks down to some of his greatest hits.

Even Chance the Rapper can't call Jay-Z or Barack Obama directly.

The rapper was the latest star to jump in the ride for a Carpool Karaoke spin around Los Angeles, and he had an absolute blast performing some of his greatest hits with James Corden.

One interesting fact to emerge during the ride was just how to get in touch with #44 or J-Hova. "It's the same thing with Jay-Z. Jay-Z and Barack Obama are very, very similar," Chance revealed. "Both of them have an assistant that you have to call and you get a call from a private number and it's either Jay-Z or Barack Obama on the phone."

"I never know which one is calling when I get that call back," he added.

Meanwhile, James had a true challenge for Chance in the form of some treats from the garden.

"I read the only greens you eat is lettuce on a burger," James challenged the "No Problem" rapper.

"Damn, that is so true!" Chance lamented, looking away. "I don't know how you got that information."

But he was going to regret even more that James got that intel with what the "Late Late Show" host pulled next. In particular, he pulled the car over, had Chance put on a blindfold and then whipped out a giant basket of vegetables.

"I definitely don't like vegetables," Chance had told him, and was even more disturbed when he could smell them.

Even more hilarious, he struggled to identify vegetables like carrots and celery by touch, but he was at least game to try them. His review? Well, apparently there's a reason he doesn't eat vegetables. "It's so f--king gross" and "Yo, f-- that, I think I'm done" is about as well as this little experiment went.

For his efforts, though, the last vegetable James had him try was licorice. "You ate all your vegetables and now you get a candy," he told him.

While Chance was not a happy passenger while trying vegetables, he may have been one of the most enthusiastic and joyful artists singing along to his own tracks throughout the clip, and his smile was absolutely infectious.

On top of that, he nails that "All Day Long" opening hook every time and it is mesmerizing to watch. A true master of his craft, you can tell it never gets old for Chance to do what he loves to do so much.

Chasing Kanye

While the great vegetable experiment of 2019 didn't work out so great, the two men were able to bond on the challenges of being friends with Kanye West. James kicked things off with his own hilarious experience with Kanye, which happened after the two of them met up at an event James hosted in New York.

After asking for his number, James said that Kanye told him, "'We’re having a party later at a studio in New York, do you wanna come?' And I was like, 'Yeah'. But then I didn’t get a text from him so I thought, 'Oh he’s forgotten.'"

Oh but he hadn't.

"He sent me a text at 3 a.m. saying, 'We’ll be getting there in about an hour,'" James told a nodding Chance. "And I was like, 'what do I do? Do I get dressed and go out at 4 a.m.?'"

Clearly this was not a story that surprised Chance, who has cited Kanye West as the reason he even got into rap. "Through the Wire" was the first hip-hop song he ever heard, leading to him picking up Kanye's "The College Dropout" as his first full rap immersion experience. The two subsequently met in 2014 and have stayed in touch, though Kanye doesn't always make it easy.

"Kanye’s definitely the kind of dude that’ll be-- like, you’ll meet up with him and do one thing and then he’ll be like, Oh I gotta go to Milan right now, let’s get on this jet," Chance laughed. "And you gotta make a decision right there. Like, am I about to follow Kanye to Milan or am I gonna go on this date that I had planned? And you really have a whole spiritual battle for a second, like what’s more important?"

Collaboration Blues

Noting that Chance has appeared on numerous tracks by other artists, and invited many artists to appear on his own tracks, he asked a question that really no one thinks about much. In most cases, when you ask a rapper to contribute a verse to your song, they listen to what you have and then throw down their own lines.

So what do you do if someone hands in a rap and you don't like it? James asked.

"In most of those cases I just don’t put the song out at all because I’m so non-confrontational," Chance admitted. He is so non-confrontational, he'd rather spike his own song -- which he must have been passionate about to write, record, mix and even reach out to someone for a verse on -- rather than tell them their lines are not a good fit.

But he takes it even further than that, and it's at this point you know there are a few artists out there scratching their heads and wondering about some conversations they had with Chance.

"First I call him and I tell him, Yo, you did an amazing job on this verse," Chance said. "And then I just play the waiting game. And then when the album comes out, I go, Yo, I’m sorry, the song didn’t make it."

On the one hand, that seems kind of savage, but Chance is sacrificing his own song in an effort to spare the feelings of the artists. And, he said in most cases they're totally cool with it and simply take their verse back to use in one of their own tracks.

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