Nikki Bella Gets Candid About Sex Life with Artem Chigvintsev: 'Once You Have a Dancer, You Don’t Go Back'
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The former WWE Superstar opened up during her podcast about her "amazing sex life," describing the former "Dancing with the Stars" pro as "the best I've ever had."

Nikki Bella has never been shy about sharing intimate details of her personal life, and she wasn't about to change that now.

In fact, she expounded on it in detail across two podcasts this week. On Tuesday, she and sister Brie appeared on the LadyGang podcast, followed by the latest installment of their own "Bellas Podcast" Wednesday.

"I’m sorry. I have to tell ’em!" Nikki shouted out to her boyfriend, former "Dancing with the Stars" professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. And boy did she.

Luckily, it was all flattering praise from the former fiancee of John Cena, who described Artem to the hosts of LadyGang as "the best I've ever had."

"Artem and I have an amazing sex life," Nikki later said on her own podcast. "When they say dancers are the best, let me tell you, once you have a dancer you don’t go back. That’s it."

She even offered some details as to exactly what she meant, just in case your imagination couldn't fill in the blanks itself. "He just moves those hips. and he’ll even do it naked," she exclaimed.

In fact, she apparently enjoys it so much that if she goes too long without intimacy, Nikki said it can get her down. "We went two weeks without having sex," she revealed. "It kind of made me like angry, like you know how you get hangry? I don’t know if they have a name for it for sex ... but I get hangry."

It's sangry ... and if it's not, well it is now. We're coining it!

Speaking on the LadyGang podcast, the reality star said that she wasn't quite sure what to expect from Artem when they first got together as he was such a departure from the "such manly men" of her past.

She described male dancers as having a "feminine energy," which threw her. But "then when it gets to the bedroom, that's when the man comes out," she said. "And you're like, Whoa! And how he works my body, he dances on it."

And while she didn't indicate whether or not she and Artem are thinking about children, she did speak on the "Bellas Podcast" about someone in their lives who's definitely getting anxious already.

"His dad asked his mom so his mom could ask Artem when we were having kids,' she laughed. 'I started to think, 'Is it because I'm old?' Did he Google and know I'm going to be 36 in November and he's like, 'Well those eggs are shriveling up, so she better get pregnant.'"

Nikki and Artem went official with their relationship in March 2019, almost a year after she called off her engagement to Cena. It was after that breakup that Nikki reconnected with her 2017 "DWTS" partner. Fans of the reality show will recall that Cena made several appearances on that season to support his then-girlfriend. She would go on to finish in 8th place.

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