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The comedian also rails on "horrible boss" Andy Cohen while appearing on The Wendy Williams Show.,

According to Kathy Griffin, she was shunned by more than just Hollywood after that photo of her holding up a prop replica of Donald Trump's severed head.

Appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Tuesday to promote her documentary "Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story," the comedian reflected on the fallout from the Tyler Shields photo that went viral in 2017. Her career famously took a hit at the time, as gigs were canceled and CNN fired her from co-hosting their New Year's Eve special.

On Wendy, she also revealed the backlash came from both her own family and the family of her boyfriend of eight years, Randy Bick.

"We're still together, 8 years. He's here now, he's in the building, still 19 years younger," she said of her man on the show. "It's kind of a lot, because I worry about his safety even."

When asked if the fallout led to turmoil for their relationship, she said, "It has with our families. His family, they're very vocal online with how they deal about me and that's hard for him to deal with." She then added, "And none of my family members talk to me. Not one Griffin has contacted me."

Griffin said the estrangement and intense public reaction actually made them closer as a couple.

Following the backlash, Griffin said she "paid a lot of money" to buy back her library of projects, including "all six seasons of 'My Life on the D List,' all 23 of my specials and the two seasons of my talk show."

"Here's the best part, it's worth nothing, nobody wants to buy it," she then said with a laugh. "But I'm hoping someday, if I kick the bucket or something somebody's gonna be like, 'Hey, I wanna show those specials." So, I own them now, you gotta come get them and pay me what you would pay a man!"

Wendy then pressed Kathy on her relationships with both Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Kathy co-hosted NYE with Cooper, while she used to have a reality show at Bravo.

She said Cooper turned his back on her after the photo, noting that "it hurt." As for Cohen, she said she doesn't get along with him. "He was terrible to me, he fired me from Bravo, he was a horrible boss the entire time I was there," she said. "He gave himself a talk show and he still runs the network. He's the only person in the history of television who gave himself a talk show that magically gets picked up every season."

When asked what she'd say if Ryan Seacrest called her up to join his show, now that Jenny McCarthy stepped down this year. "I love that you think ABC would come anywhere near me," she told Wendy. "I wanted to do 'New Year's Eve Live with Kathy Griffin and Stormy Daniels,' that's a show! That is different, it's thinking outside the box and I think it would just be fun. Right now I'm still too scary."

She added that she barely ever goes out in Hollywood anymore and noted that when she recently attended an Emmy party, "hardly anyone talked to me."

All that being said, she kept the jokes coming with Williams, adding, "gotta laugh no matter what."

"Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story" is available to rent on streaming platforms now.