Lindsay Lohan on Why She's Not a Failure, Her Parents' Shortcomings, Being 'Robotic'
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"I’m too smart for my own good sometimes, robotic actually: say what you want to say about me and my loved ones," Lohan writes before telling fans, "You will always fail."

Lindsay Lohan doesn't care if you think she's a failure, because her "job" has been to be "strong for my family".

The former child star opened up about the inspiration for her latest single "Xanax" in an Instagram post Tuesday night. Sharing a stark photo, which she revealed will be her album cover, the 33-year-old began by explaining how her experience in Hollywood inspired her to write the new song.

"#Xanax i wrote this with @cyberalma because LOS ANGELES was mind numbing to me and I felt vapid," she began in the caption. "And she was my friend, she understood my thoughts of my past of being dragged through situations that I didn't want to be in."

"Well, I am from cold spring harbor, ny, moved back and forth to NYC and my mother was from the bronx, strong woman and a beautiful person," she continued. "We all have our faults and fake promises from different people. My parents have had their ups and downs."

Lohan then seemingly called out the haters, writing "at the end of the day, your karma will define your future." She added, "I don't care about what anyone says. It has been my job to be there and be strong for my family."

"Maybe I have gotten frustrated, maybe I have failed to your opinions, what I know now is, I'm doing things so well and so right. I have a blessed heart as does my family," Lohan continued. "I'm too smart for my own good sometimes, robotic actually: say what you want to say about me and my loved ones. You will always fail. Take it or leave it. We ain't going anywhere. Slow and steady wins the race. Love all, live with respect, gratitude, understanding and appreciation and you will live an honest life of truth. Don't let anyone cut you down."

"(This will be my album cover ft my sister Aliana)," she said of the image. "she's the light of my life as are my brothers. I am blessed to feel safe enough to trust in those that love you so that you can shine."

Lohan ended her post by adding a butterfly emoji and a hashtag for the CSHL DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, which is the "world's first science center devoted entirely to genetics education and offers online education, class field trips, student summer day camps, and teacher training."

"Xanax," which Lohan dropped in August, is a song that deals with the overwhelming expectations that we allow other people to put on our lives, succumbing to pressures and allowing anxiety to dominate our worlds.

Although the song is not yet available on streaming services, Lohan released a a slightly strange music video to her Instagram last month. However, the video has since been deleted.

"Xanax" marks Lohan's return to music since 2008. To date, she's released two albums: "Speak" in 2004, with the singles "Rumors" and "Over," and 2005's "A Little More Personal (Raw)," which included the song "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)."

"Bossy," a non-album single, was released in 2008 and was used as the theme song for her recent reality show "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club."

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