Sonya Deville Denies Saltiness With Ronda Rousey (Exclusive)
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The WWE Superstar does "have words" with the former UFC star on this season of "Total Divas", though.

Despite being the greenest, Ronda Rousey is easily the most famous member of the "Total Divas" roster.

But there is no sourness among the other WWE superstars, says Sonya Deville... even though the two are on a collision course this season.

"I think everyone kind of understands it, and with that, she brings her huge fanbase, and it's beneficial to us all that more eyes and more viewership is on the show," Deville told TooFab when asked how she felt about Rousey being the main attraction.

"So no, I'm personally not salty about that at all. And she deserves it, she worked her ass off, she was in the Olympics, UFC champion, you know. She's a very successful woman and she deserves the success she gets."

She compared the former UFC Champ to Conor McGregor, agreeing that haters and lovers alike come to watch them perform.

"It's like, you can hate all you want, but at the end of the day, you're progressing the company as a whole — and we're part of the company."

While Ronda might edge her as the most famous female to transition from MMA to WWE, Sonya — real name Daria Berenato — was actually the first female mixed martial artist to do so.

Nevertheless, Sonya has nothing but praise for her.

"She did a great job. Wrestling is not easy," she said. "I think you can look more natural going into an MMA fight with no experience than into a wrestling fight with no experience, because wrestling, you know to work with your partner, and there's so much to learn. There's so many intricacies to wrestling."

"And Ronda picked it up quickly, she's obviously an athlete. She's a stud. She did an amazing job. And her intensity and aggression kind of transferred, which is similar to how my transfer kinda went," she added. "It was like, okay, might not finesse every single move perfectly, but the passion's there and the intensity's there, and that can make up for a lot of other stuff."

It is almost inevitable, then, that the two women will clash; Sonya confirmed that they definitely "have words with each other" on this season of "Total Divas", which airs Tuesday nights on E!.

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