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Half of the remaining stars took the stage, but it was the end of the road for one ... was Black Widow, Butterfly, Flamingo, Leopard, Skeleton or Thingamajig unmasked and revealed to the world?

We're not sure what's happening right now, because these "Masked Singer" judges are actually getting kind of good at this, and Jenny McCarthy may be the best one yet.

Don't worry, though, Ken Jeong is still terrible.

Not terrible were the six performances tonight, with Thingamajig actually moving Nicole Scherzinger to tears with his powerful performance. He was joined by Black Widow, Flamingo, Leopard, Skeleton and Thingamajig as half the competition took the stage.

This half included some fantastic vocal performances, and surprising strength from some of the ones who didn't exactly blow us away the first time we saw them. As for the celebrity who was unmasked?

We'll just say that body language speaks volumes!

Tonight, the weakest performer got the boot, but we're going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love ... to torture you.


Flamingo really brought it with a voice that sounded like it had a bit of a southern twang to it. She did a great job vocally on "Footloose," though you could tell it was a song that wasn't naturally in her wheelhouse. But she is clearly a polished and seasoned performer.

Guesses: Jenny quickly thought of Simon Cowell as the "wizard," thus selecting Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke, though our brain strangely went to Kellie Pickler for largely the same reason. Adrienne Bailon's name came up again.

Flamingo then revealed she wanted to be a doctor when she was younger, even going so far as to attend medical school. And that pretty much sealed her identity as Adrienne Bailon, which was the predominant guess after her last performance.


Leopard actually sounded pretty good on Shawn Mendes this week, which is a stark contrast from their first appearance. We don't think this is a professional singer, but it's definitely someone who's comfortable performing.

Guesses: The judges were throwing out Jamie Foxx (though we still think he's a better singer) and then considering drag queens. This is the only contestant where we're not totally sold on gender as assumed by voice. At the same time, we're getting some strong Billy Porter vibes, which Nicole echoed.

But the internet went a different direction, with growing confidence that the Leopard is Seal, which would make his method acting performance even more intriguing. Clues certainly line up, so it's an intriguing guess, though some were also thinking Keenen Ivory Wayans..


Black Widow has a deeper and more sultry voice, but was definitely giving "American Idol" vibes throughout this take on Carrie Underwood. At the same time, it did not appear to be one of the show's most iconic voices.

Guesses: Black Widow gave a clue about her arm injury, which was hoverboard-related. The judges were still considering Raven-Symone. She also said she never went to prom, but pretended to. This could be any teen show, or Glee."

Fans online were convinced "Masked Singer" was serving up a "Cheetah Girls" reunion with Adrienne Bailon and Raven-Symone in the cast, and they were certain this is where Raven landed.


Skeleton gave us a whole new vibe in his voice this week, which really threw us but we think maybe it was a put-on. He does not sing like a singer, but carried himself off pretty well tonight.

Guesses: We've been getting Martin Short vibes since he spoke last week, and the body language is still all there, as were the clues about the "short of it" and the "amigos" clue. Plus all the jokes about playing second fiddle, which has been much of Martin's career.

Ken Jeong echoed our theory, as did Robin Thicke. But Nicole went with Teller (of course we'd have no idea what he sounds like). Jenny again proved herself a solid guesser. Skeleton even shooed her Paul Shaffer guess in a very familiar way for fans of David Letterman's "Late Show." And after he spoke we're feeling convinced that she's right because Shaffer has such a distinct way of speaking.

That said, the internet was all over the place on this one, though there were some Shaffer guesses among them as well.


Thingamajig really has a sweet voice when he stays within his vocal pocket, and this Kacey Musgraves track did just that. It didn't have a lot of dynamic range, allowing him to slide like butter through the performance. It was sweet and authentic, and yet we still get the vibe this is not a professional singer.

Guesses: This week's clues talked about not running with bulls and had a lot of clues about magic, which had everyone in the basketball arena as Thingamajig is quite tall. Ken thinks the basketball clues are a misdirect, and went with Montell Jordan.

We were getting a strange Macklemore vibe, thinking maybe he was trying to follow in Monster's footsteps and prove that he's more than what the industry believes him to be vocally. But all of a sudden, the internet was on NBA star Victor Oladipo, and the rehab clue was a misdirect. But it also fit Magic Johnson (can they sing like this?)


Butterfly has a polished voice, though it was a little more nasally and thinner on the high notes than we expected. Still, she does seem to have a gift and a talent for singing, though her stage presence was definitely lacking here. She basically just stood there.

Guesses: Jenny was feeling Fantasia, but the voice doesn't seem to fit that. The new clues said she was a household name at one time, with suggestions of London and rough times in the media afterward (breakups, breakdowns, hibernation). On stage, she revealed she has a butterfly tattoo, fitting her look and the favorite guess: Michelle Williams.

Robin went with Mel B, while Nicole Scherzinger made out a long plea for why it's Twiggy, but that feels like a bit of a stretch. Robin, then, went with Leona Lewis but we're not feeling that at all, and neither is the internet. They're stuck on Michelle Williams, though the tat pushed them a few other directions, too.



By this point, we were certain this was Paul Shaffer, which puts us in line with this season's strongest guesser, Jenny. Robin jumped on board as well, with all of the clues lining up almost perfectly. But Ken's Martin Short guess is also rock solid, while Nicole's Teller is ... terrible.

On the one hand, we're proud of ourselves for getting this one right. On the other hand, it would have been nice for Skeleton to stay in the competiton so we could have someone we felt confident about still in the mix because there was no one else tonight we were as confident about.

The other six remaining singers hit the stage and another surprise celebrity gets unmasked when "The Masked Singer" returns after the World Series.

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