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"You can't get away with anything anymore," says the talk show host.

There are some things you just don't do, according to Wendy Williams, and singing the N-word is one of them.

"Jane the Virgin" actress Gina Rodriguez came under fire on Tuesday after she posted a video to her Instagram Stories while singing along to the Fugees' song "Ready Or Not," when she used the term while reciting the lyrics. She quickly deleted the post, shared a video apologizing and eventually followed it up with a lengthier post when that video was also criticized.

On her show this morning, Williams explained to her studio audience what happened, saying Rodriguez "didn't say 'N-word, she said the N-word and she said it with a head rock."

"To start with, she's a really great actress, she's a very attractive girl, she's very talented, but I have to end with what planet are you from?" asked Williams. "Don't you realize what is going on out here? You can't get away with anything anymore!"

Making a comparison, Wendy then said that even though she is a supporter of the LGBTQ community, she knows better than to ever use the F-word. "Illegal," she said, "[It will] get you a quick punch in the face, they will throw you down the manhole, you will stay there for 2 weeks and be eaten by rats!"

"There's certain things you don't do," she continued. "Just because you're cool with people, doesn't mean you have the pass ... I don't remember the last time I called an Italian person the W-word. It rhymes with bop. You don't do that and I like Italian people and the men are particularly hot!"

Williams also addressed a similar controversy with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who also used the racial slur on Tuesday while quoting the New York Times in a radio interview. In his situation, as well, she said you could just say "N-word" and not the word itself. Then, because she's Wendy, she also went on a tangent about how "lucky" Sandra Lee was to date him, saying, "I bet you he takes her down."

Back to Gina though.

"Look, we got more things to think about, you all," she said at the end of the segment. "People are walking down the street getting stabbed and killed for no reason. Black hate crimes are at an all time high, Jewish hate crimes are at an all time high. If you saw the debate last night, you're as confused as me. You just didn't have to do it, just don't do it."

Read Rodriguez's full apology below.