'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

"I just feel like my innocence is gone," new mom Kiaya says.

There's never a shortage of drama on "Teen Mom," but newcomer Kiaya Elliott is kicking it up a notch.

In this extended preview of the "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" season two premiere, we are introduced to the show's newest face, an 18-year-old new mom from Norfolk, Virginia. While Kiaya is in a relationship with a woman on the show, she got pregnant with another teen who wound up in jail.

"You have a choice as of whether you want to be here or not," Kiaya tells girlfriend Teazha in the preview. "So if this gets too hard for you, you can dip."

Kiaya and Teazha had been dating for two years, but the "high school sweethearts" split after Kiaya found out Teazha was cheating. "That was right around the time that my dad passed away. So it was a really sensitive time for me," Kiaya says in a confessional.

It was during that breakup that Kiaya met her baby's father, X'Zayveon. "I had never really dealt with a boy before," she says.

Though Kiaya knew of Zay's bad boy behavior, she said she "didn’t really care, because [she] had no intentions of being with him and ... having to deal with him for like the next 18 years."

While at work as a nail technician in the preview, Kiaya's seen telling cousin Trinyhti about the moment Zay's mom found out about the pregnancy. "She like snapped," says the teenager. "The first thing she said was, 'I got $400 right now for an abortion, what's up?'"

"She went off. She kicked us out of her house. She tried to run up on my car and fight me," she continues. "I get depressed talking about it, thinking about it. I just feel like my innocence is gone."

Kiaya is currently back with her girlfriend Teazha, while Zay sits in jail awaiting trial for an unspecified charge.

"[Teazha's] made it really clear to me that she wants to treat him as if he was hers," Kiaya says. "I'm really grateful for that because she really doesn't have to."

Kiaya, Zay and Teazha welcomed a baby boy, Amour, in December 2018.

We also get an update on where Ashley and Bar stand back in California in the sneak peek.

Fans of the show will remember that the couple had a rough road after welcoming daughter, Holly. There were fights between Ashley and Bar's mom, Shen, as well as a fight between Bar and Ashley's sister, and one drunk night that ended with Bar behind bars.

Things seem to be looking up for the pair, however.

"I feel like living apart has been good for us," Ashley tells Bar, who was a little "too happy" about the separation.

Ashley and Holly are currently living with her mom while Bar attends anger management classes. She is heading back to school to get her medical assistant's certificate while Bar studies for his GED.

"We're making progress, but we're taking it slowly," Ashley says. "I think the goal is just keep working and hopefully in a couple months we're in a healthy place where we can step back fully."

As for the other moms, MTV teases that Brianna is dealing with a man who claims to be Braeson's father, while Kayla welcomes a daughter with boyfriend Luke. Rachel, the other newcomer, is balancing her life after becoming a first-time mom at 16.

"Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" returns Tuesday, October 22 on MTV.