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The two opened up about Mike's sex addiction while appearing on Tamron Hall and revealed the one detail they'll never share.

With Mike Caussin's past indiscretions back in the public eye thanks to a recent fidelity scare he and Jana Kramer revealed on their podcast, the two sat down for a TV interview today to open up about how the couple got where they are now.

Appearing on "Tamron Hall," the country singer and retired football star took the host back to the very beginning, as Kramer shared what her reaction was to finding out Mike had cheated on her numerous times while she was pregnant with their first child.

"We had just celebrated a year and had a daughter who was 5 months old [when she found out]," recalled Jana. "That was tough. And it's still real hard to look back on those memories because to me, they were real, but how were they real when you were doing this?"

"It's been hard through our therapy to try and figure that out," she said, adding that the "silver lining" now is knowing they're helping others by being so open about what happened.

The two have been honest about Mike's struggles with sex addiction and bouts of infidelity from the jump. They first began dating in August 2014, but she announced they had split just weeks later because he had been unfaithful. They reunited and eventually married in May 2015, but split again in September 2016 after it emerged the former pro athlete cheated on the actress with "multiple" women after their wedding. The couple later reconciled and renewed their vows in December 2017. When Caussin had a "sex addiction relapse" last year, Kramer stood by his side.

As for why Kramer took him back, she told Hall that she looked at their daughter Jolie and, being from a broken family herself, wanted "to try every way possible to keep this family together, knowing I have a willing partner beside me wanting to work out."

The two said they had no desire to go public with Mike's infidelity and addiction, but were outed when a "very close friend" sold their story to Us Weekly. "It said 'Married to a Sex Addict,'" said Jana. "We did not want to come out about it. It was very difficult for him, because he was in rehab at the time. After he got out of rehab, I wanted to control the narrative. It doesn't go away, but we can control the narrative and we can help people."

Caussin explained to Hall that his addiction is much like being an alcoholic or drug addict, saying, "I use sex for the same reasons that someone drinks, for the same reasons someone uses drugs. I used sex as my outlet." When she wondered what he was "trying to numb away," Caussin said he had the same question. "Why am I unhappy, when I had what I always thought I wanted to have?" he asked. "We were like the white picket fence, dogs, kids, beautiful wife and I was still doing things and living this other life that was throwing it all away."

Hall asked Caussin how many people he cheated with, but the two were not ready to go there. "That's one of the, the only detail we've kept to ourselves privately," he told her. "The thing is, whether it's once or a thousand, it doesn't matter. I still committed those acts, I still caused pain and a rift in our relationship and hurt the woman that I loved, the damage has already been done."

Knowing that it was at least more than once, Hall then asked Kramer whether she was worried "about protection" or if her husband was "putting your health at risk." She said that "definitely came up," before adding, "Like, you could have gone to jail for some of the things that you did. Did you not think about that?"

While she was skeptical he had an addiction too -- saying she initially thought, "That's just an excuse men use" -- she came around to it once she started doing her own research.

Noting that it's not exactly every man's dream to be known as the guy who stepped out on his wife, Caussin said it has been "difficult" for him as they open up so candidly about everything that happened. He added it was especially hard to be outed by a close friend, but said that when it comes to backlash he doesn't "care what other people think, I care about what my wife thinks."

The two also briefly talked about Jana recently discovering Mike had deleted a topless photo of another woman from his phone, which put a wrench in their healing. While she later confirmed the photo came from a bot, and not a real person, it was how he hid it from her that really stung.

When asked whether she trusts him now, Kramer said, "I trust him today."

She added, "I can't think about yesterday, the day before, the past, but today, he's showing up, he's a great dad today and I trust him."