Did Nicki Minaj Just Get Married to Kenneth Petty?
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The rapper loves to troll her fans, but seems to confirm her Sunday nuptials with a short video on Instagram and a caption spotlighting her married name.

Did Nicki Minaj tie the knot over the weekend and none of us were invited? That certainly seems to be the case, based on a short video she posted to her Instagram page on Monday night.

The silent clip pans across two coffee mugs and two ballcaps. The first pair has "Mrs." and "Bride" on them, followed by "Mr." and "Groom." So clearly this is a wedding setup meaning she's either at a wedding, or looking at possibly wedding ideas. And honestly, it all looks super adorable.

But it's the caption that got people convinced Minaj was telling her fans she'd actually gone through with marrying Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, the man she's been calling "husband" practically since they first started dating.

"Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10•21•19," she wrote, following a series of emojis including a bride, a groom, a crying face, praying hands and a bow. So that's it, put a bow on it, the wedding is over. Right?

Immediately, the comments lit up with words of congratulations from Minaj's fans and celebrity friends, like Winnie Harlow, who wrote, "So happy for you Mrs. Bride you deserve all the happiness in the world."

As People pointed out, Minaj told her Queen Radio fans that she'd filed for her marriage license back in August, predicting she'd be married in less than three months at that time, so she was a little ahead of schedule if this post means they've gone through with it.

"I have to work on my album and I have a lot to focus on that I don’t want to do the big wedding now," Minaj said at the time, so it could be that this was just a small, private ceremony. "We’ll do the big wedding later," she promised.

But then, Minaj also teased an Adele collaboration that she later said was just a joke, and she also tweeted out that she was retiring from music before removing the tweet and suggesting that that wasn't exactly true either.

The outspoken fans loves trolling her fans and the media, so it may be that she's just preparing for the big day, though the fact that she specifically put Sunday's date in that post certainly makes it hard to interpret it any other way.

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