Kelly Ripa's Daughter Tripped House Alarm and Got Busted While Her Parents Were Away
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Kelly and husband Mark Consuelos were away on vacation when Lola had a rooftop soiree at their home.

Kelly Ripa's daughter got busted for having a house party when she was supposed to be at school.

During her stop at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday, the talk show host said Lola Consuelos, 18, promised her and husband Mark Consuelos she wouldn't come home too often once she started attending nearby New York University.

"She jumped out of a moving cab when we took her to her dorm. 'You won't see me. I won't be back. You don't have to worry. Maybe I'll be home for Thanksgiving, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll do other things,'" Kelly recalled Lola saying.

But Lola broke her word less than a day after her parents said goodbye to the college-bound teen.

"So, we drop her off on a Saturday," Kelly explained. "It is the end of summer vacation, so we go back out to Long Island for the rest of the summer. Drop her off on a Saturday. Sunday evening, our alarm trips. My daughter's having a party on the roof of our house! She was gone 12 hours and came home!"

But Lola wasn't the only child feeling homesick when shipped off for higher education.

A few years earlier, Kelly recalled to host Jimmy Kimmel, her son Michael Consuelos, 22, pulled the same stunt when he started his tenure at NYU as well.

"Michael, we drop him off freshman year," she began. "Drop him off at his dorm, we have lunch together, we look at each other, we say, 'We did it. We have a child in college. We did it! Oh my gosh.'"

"We come home -- it's about 10 minutes away," she continued. "We come home, walk through the front door, he is standing in the hallway."

Kelly now has a plan to divert her youngest -- Joaquin Consuelos, 16 -- from following in his big siblings' footsteps.

"He's not allowed to even apply to NYU," she joked.

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