Maisie Williams Nearly Goes Insane Answering Burning Game of Thrones Questions on Hot Ones
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"Can I have one that's not covered in hot? I think I'm losing my mind. How long have we been here?"

Taking out The Night King was nothing compared to Maisie Williams' latest challenge: throwing back an increasingly spicy set of hot wings for the viral video series "Hot Ones."

Subbing cauliflower for chicken wings, the "Game of Thrones" star was the most recent guest on YouTube host Sean Evans' show -- where celebrities answer questions that get more difficult as the wings get hotter.

While the questions were a breeze, the sauces were not. Throughout the interview she broke down in tears, chugged oat milk and exclaimed, "Can I have one that's not covered in hot? I think I'm losing my mind!" She also began uncontrollably shivering and, after taking her last bite, proclaimed, "I made a huge mistake!"

Watch her squirm below:

If 25 minutes is just a little too long for you, here's what Maisie revealed during the interview.

  • She nearly missed her life-changing "Game of Thrones" audition because she really wanted to go on a school trip to a pig farm. "My mom really put her foot down and I was kinda mad about it, I really wanted to go on that school trip," she explained. "I wouldn't be here today, you wouldn't want me on the show if I'd have gone to the pig farm!"

  • The writers of "Game of Thrones" would prank the cast by handing out fake death scenes in the scripts, sometimes waiting weeks before setting things straight. "They told Alfie Allen that he was killed by Bran in a really anticlimactic way and they didn't tell Isaac they were doing the joke, so then he texted Isaac and Isaac was like, 'I don't know what they're talking about,'" she said. "They did another one on Kit Harington where they said he got really aggressively mauled on the face and he'd have a huge disfigurement on his beautiful chiseled jaw. That was quite funny, poor guy."

  • Sadly, Queen Elizabeth II did not sit on the throne when visiting the set of the show. "She didn't refuse, no one said sit on that chair because it'd be funny, but we all were just like, is she gonna do it?" Williams recalled. "Everyone's like [whispers], 'Do it.' She looked at it and said that doesn't look very comfy. Comfortable, she wouldn't have said comfy, it's Queen Elizabeth!"

  • Though Williams is a righty, she learned how to sword train with her left hand, to be accurate to the books. "People would be like, that horse is supposed to be black, not white and getting really upset about the most trivial things, so I was like, guess I'll have to do this left-handed," she explained.

  • After Arya took out The Night King, the character got a shoutout from Drake at the Billboard Music Awards during one of his acceptance speeches. "And hey, shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week," he said. "I was like, wow, it was really exciting,'" she recalled. "I wasn't there, so it was afterwards in my room, I kinda wish I was there!"

  • She thinks it's "really cool" to see Arya rise in the ranks of baby names, adding that if she wasn't on the show, it's a name she'd consider herself. "It'd be weird if I did it now, this is Arya, this is Sansa, they're my children," she added with a laugh. "It would just be strange."

  • For most of her life, she thought "Graham Crackers" were really called "Cram Crackers."

  • Of "GoT" costar and best friend Sophie Turner's wedding to Joe Jonas, she said it was "quite the party" and claimed Diplo skipped out on performing at Glastonbury to DJ the reception.