Corey Feldman Called Out for 'Selfish' Behavior on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition' (Exclusive)
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Inside the Marriage Boot Camp 100th Episode Celebration

Every story has two sides, however.

Corey Feldman's brother has had it when it comes to the actor's perceived self-centered actions.

In this sneak peek at tonight's new episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," the former "Goonies" star and his younger sibling, Eden, hash out their issues with Dr. Ish and Dr. V.

"I was working on putting together a charity event and Corey was friends with a leading energy drink company and I said, 'Hey man can you get me in contact with him?'" Eden first explained to the two therapists, without Corey present.

"In the same conversation, he just said, 'Yeah, I can but you're gonna have to hire me to perform at your event,'" said Eden. "I thought, god, what a selfish thing to say and do." In a confessional, Eden said his brother "thinks only about his best interests," adding that he was "over it."

As part of the drill, Corey was then asked to share his side of the story, in front of his brother.

"He wants my contact and I didn't feel comfortable with it. I thought I was going to lose my contact," explained the actor. "Basically, I was angry. I felt like you never wanted to do something for me if you didn't get something out of it. So it was like, fine, if you want to see what that feels like, I'll show you what that feels like."

With that revelation, the entire room literally started shaking.

Here's the official synopsis for tonight's episode:

An exercise about shared reality leaves the families shaken by emotional earthquakes. But when the families can’t see each other’s perspective, half the boot campers are left in jail, where they must remain until they can see the other side.

"Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition" airs at 10pm on WE tv.

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