Jeff Lewis Has Patti Stanger to Thank for His New Boyfriend Scott (Exclusive)
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"He called me up and said, 'I can't find anyone to date after Gage,'" the Millionaire Matchmaker tells TooFab.

It turns out Patti Stanger is a matchmaker both professionally and in her personal life.

During a recent interview with TooFab, the "Millionaire Matchmaker" star and Millionaire's Club founder revealed that she's the one responsible for setting up good friend and fellow Bravo star Jeff Lewis with his current boyfriend, Scott Anderson.

"I fixed him up with his boyfriend, so he's exclusive," she told us proudly. "Scott -- I did that. Cha-ching!"

"[Jeff] called me up and said, 'I can't find anyone to date after Gage.' And he was going through hell with Gage, and I was counseling him, and I just said, 'Don't worry. I got it,'" Stanger explained. "And me and my vice president, Erica [Arrechea], fixed him up. That was a while ago. They've been going out for a while."

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The "Flipping Out" star and his former partner of 10 years, Gage Edward, broke things off earlier this year, and Lewis has been quite candid about the fallout on his SiriusXM radio show, "Jeff Lewis Live," ever since. Most recently, he announced the former couple's attempts to reach an out-of-court custody agreement for their 3-year-old daughter, Monroe, failed miserably. He even described co-parenting with Edward as "torture."

Despite Stanger's advice to not broadcast his relationship woes on the radio, the outspoken interior designer just can't help himself.

"I told him not to do it," Patti told us. "Because the thing is, especially when you're going through a custody battle, legal stuff, I was like, 'This is not wise.' And I knew Gage had pent-up resentment and anger. I'd go out to dinner with him, and I'd see it. So I knew that this wasn't a good thing."

"But you know, Jeff, Bethenny [Frankel], any of the Housewives -- their job is reality TV," she continued. "My job wasn't like that. My job was the expert that fixed your love life. You saw a smidgen of my personal life. So in [Jeff's] world, his was an ensemble with Jenni [Pulos], and that's what the audience wants. Same thing with Bethenny and Jill Zarin and all these people -- they wanna see their personal lives. People listen to Sirius because of him! And we miss him on Bravo. So we wanna see that world."

Stanger added, "Is it recommended for a relationship? You really need to warn your spouse or your mate what's gonna go down, and some people just can't take it. They're too private. It'd be hard to date someone that private and be on camera like that."

Patti says she's dated men on both sides of the spectrum: Her former fiancé, Andy Friedman, "wouldn't go on camera," but her most recent ex, David Krause, appeared on two seasons of "Millionaire Matchmaker."

We followed up by asking the dating expert a question that continues to plague the dating world today: Is it possible and/or smart to be friends with an ex?

"Well, I was friends with my ex up until about two or three months ago," she explained. "And it's really hard when you're sexually attracted because we'd end up having ex sex, and I don't do that anymore. I learned my lesson. Because there was no space for somebody new to come in. I love him, I miss him, I wish him well, I loved his kids, but it's not the best thing if you wanna bring somebody into a relationship."

"And then when you get the new person, they're not happy that you're talking to your ex!" she went on. "Even if the ex is with somebody else, they don't wanna look in the mirror and see that guy at dinner or a party that you go to that, you know, they slept with you. They're going through the imagination process of that. It's really unhealthy."

"But if you were married and you have kids, a lot of mates are still best friends with their exes because they started in college with them or they built a business together or they're helping co-parent 50/50 their children, and that's impossible. You can't get rid of that," she said, adding a caveat. "But if you're single and you were never married to him, I don't advise it. There's no point for it. It's only gonna block the new guy or girl in your life."

Despite the fact that she and Lewis are both forces to be reckoned with, Stanger says they get along beautifully and work really well together.

"We're both OCD, although he's more extreme OCD than I am," she explained. "I'm not the clean freak OCD; I'm more business OCD. I have to have everything in a certain way. But he's pulverizing! Sometimes, I become little sweet Sally laidback girl because he's pulverizing, but he's right. I don't know. We just have fun. He's funny!"

The two get along so well, in fact, that they're actually on a comedy tour together.

"We've been touring with The Improv," Stanger told us. "It's about an hour-and-a-half, two-hour show, where we answer questions and we talk about funny stories about Bravo and things that we've been through. It's really cool! And then we have like a Bravo trivia contest, where you can win prizes. It's very exciting. We have fun with it."

For tickets to Thirsty Thursday with Patti Stanger & Jeff Lewis, click here.

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