Kanye West Promises New Album at Midnight ... But Fans Are Still Waiting
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Fans still manage to get Kanye trending at number one on Twitter even without an album, making fun of its absence and themselves for getting fooled ... again!

Kanye West made a bold proclamation during a surprise appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night, promising his fans that his long-awaited "Jesus Is King" album would be dropping at midnight. Midnight has now come and gone in all four U.S. major time zones with no album in sight.

"It's out now," he told Jimmy Kimmel's audience about the release, but of course that was taped earlier in the day. Unfortunately, by the time "now" hit and "Kimmel" aired across the nation, "Jesus Is King" remains MIA and fans on social media were starting to get frustrated.

It's one thing to tease that it's coming soon, but it appears West has been promising specific drop dates for this album for weeks and months now. And this time, he went on national television with a promise of "now" and still failed to deliver.

So where is it?

Kanye first promised the album on September 27, leaving fans waiting all night long for an album that never came. Then, Kim Kardashian said it was coming that Sunday, but that didn't happen, either. Now, Kanye promised October 25 and fans were wary but again excited. After all, there's no way Kanye would make such a public declaratation a second time and then fail to deliver ... a second time.

Oh, but he did. And as the early hours of Friday morning passed, most of them finally threw in the towel and gave up (again) on seeing "Jesus Is King." But Kanye hasn't given up on them, though he is frustrating them.

In a Twitter update, he explained that he and his team are well aware that he's missed his latest deadline, but that's because they are still working on the final mixes for three different tracks, as well as planning a live Sunday Service to go with the release.

He also promised that his team would stay up until they were finished with this work and the album could finally be released. Maybe he'll be done by Sunday?

Will his fans wait up with him?

We will say that he has extra incentive to make this release as close to right as possible as he is scheduled to appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tomorrow night with a performance from the album.

And even if that performance was taped on Thursday, he still doesn't want to be seen talking about an album that doesn't yet exist for his fans.

In the meantime, his fans kept themselves occupied sharing memes and jokes about waiting around for nothing and getting trolled by their favorite artist. In fact, even without an album release, the fans managed to get Kanye trending at number one just by making fun of its absence. Check out some of their funniest reactions below:

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