Teresa and Joe Giudice Question Each Other's Fidelity In Explosive Interview Preview
Teresa Parties It Up at Early Halloween Bash

"Do I feel like he was faithful? No."

Judging by this preview, Andy Cohen's interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice is going to be insane.

Sitting down "together" on camera for the first time since Joe was released from an ICE detention center, the two will "set the record straight" in a special airing Sunday night on Bravo. As Joe awaits a final decision in his ongoing deportation case in Italy, he joined Teresa and Andy via satellite for the interview.

Following a dramatic introduction from Cohen, doing his best impression of BFF Anderson Cooper, the opening shows a handful of totally out of context clips from the special. And they are JUICY.

"Did she have anything to do with what happened to Joe and I?" asks Teresa about an unnamed woman. "Is she a rat?"

After Cohen asks Joe if he's "still in love with her," Teresa is seen saying, "Do I feel like he was faithful? No." She then tells Joe, "You were photographed with women also." His apparent response, "That's why I made it okay for you."

Seemingly responding to photos showing Teresa holding hands with another man, she says, "I have a lot of guy friends." Both Joe and Andy seem skeptical about that answer though, as Giudice is heard repeating "friends," while Cohen asks, "that you hold hands with?"

Through tears, Teresa is then heard saying, "I'm just happy he's free" -- but, once again, Andy pushes back. "Those don't seem like happy tears," he says. "This relationship, kinda seems like you're talking about it in the past tense."

Joe was released from federal prison in March after completing a 41-month sentence for mail, wire and bank fraud, but immediately entered ICE custody. Teresa also served time for her involvement in the financial crimes: 11 months in 2015.

After a preview for the next season of "Real Hosuewives of New Jersey" teased Teresa possibly hooking up with another man, her lawyer spoke out blaming bad editing. The man in the promo is someone she kissed back in high school, nothing more, claimed her representative.

"They have been writing about cheating and divorce rumors for the last 10 years, but guess what? Nobody is cheating, nobody is getting divorced," the statement read. "The truth? Teresa and the girls are going to see Joe the first week of November," the statement continued. "They talk and FaceTime everyday. Everyone is happy. No one is fighting. There is an amazing story of love and perseverance, but I guess that doesn't sell magazines or get clicks on websites."

The full interview airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.