The Six Weirdest Things About Kanye's Album Jesus Is King
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God, Chick-Fil-A, and Kenny G — this new album has got it all.

Kanye West's long awaited "Jesus Is King" finally dropped on Friday.

The self-styled greatest artist of all time has always been a fan of God, but his new album took on a distinctly heavier religious tone than any before it.

As expected, the beats were great and the backing vocals are amazing — but it is Yeezus' lyrics that he is always most closely scrutinized over.

For the most part, the 12 track record is filled with run-of-the-mill praise for the Almighty; the track list alone features an "On God", a "Follow God", and a "Use This Gospel", and aptly closes with "Selah" — a word that appears 74 times in the Hebrew Bible but nobody knows what the hell it means.

Despite the wholly holy new direction, there were plenty of classic Kanye-esque moments strewn in there.

1. Chick-Fil-A

This one was trending almost instantly on Twitter. "Closed on Sunday, you're my Chick-fil-A," Kanye spits on the fourth track, "Closed On Sunday", before elaborating a little further: "Closed On Sunday / You're my number one, with the lemonade."

Kanye seems to be praising the fast food restaurant which famously shuts its doors on the Sabbath day in line with its devout Baptist founder (and which just as infamously has questionable views about same sex marriage for the same reasons).

As something of a preacher himself via his very popular Sunday Services, Kanye will surely appreciate the irony that churches are open on Sundays, meaning priests have to work on the day God said we're not supposed to.

Anyway, Twitter had a field day.

2. New Body, New lyrics, New Kanye

There is a strong contingent of Kanye fans online pining for "Yandhi" instead of "Jesus Is King", which was the original name for the album. Clearly, it wasn't just the name that changed but the whole album concept.

Fans were momentarily excited when they saw "New Body" on the new album, which was leaked and rumored to be on the original leaked track list for "Yanhdi". But a quick listen confirmed the lyrics had been switched for an altogether more PC version.

The original version, which adressed cosmetic surgery and disparaged body shaming, for example included the line: "New ass, new tits, new bitch, who dis?" — and would have undoubtedly started an interesting discussion re his in-laws — was changed to the far tamer: "New walk, new talk, who that, who this?"

Nicki Minaj was supposed to feature on the original song, but her frustration with trying to re-record her lyrics to fit the new theme ultimately saw her drop out, and is rumored to be one of the reasons behind the album's delay.

3. Wait - How Many Kids?

On the very same song — in the very next line in fact — Kanye rhymes it with "Who else you know this bad with two kids?"

Presumably he's referring to himself here... but on last count Kanye had four kids. Did he write these lyrics before Chicago and Psalm arrived, and just forgot to tweak that bit?

To be fair, "four kids" doesn't rhyme as well with "Who dis" as "two kids".

4. The Price of Yeezys

Jesus once famously flipped out over money lenders using the church as a base of operations — but Kanye doesn't seem to mind getting into financial and tax discussions for this religious experience.

On "On God" he attempts to justify the cost of his pricey trainers: "Off the 350s He supplied / The IRS want they fifty plus our tithe / Man, that's over half of the pie / I felt dry, that's on God / That's why I charge the prices that I charge / I can't be out here dancin' with the stars / No, I cannot let my family starve / I go hard, that's on God"

So there you have it. The IRS wants 50 per cent of the prophet's profits, so he upped the price, lest his family starve.

Luckily Kanye is worth about $240million, and should he ever find himself out of work, his wife charges around $1million per Instagram post, so they should be fine getting food on the table. And speaking of Kim...

5. DWTS on blast!

Kim doesn't get a much of a look in this album... but one of Kanye's lyrics could be seen as blasting her past.

Going back to that previous lyric "I can't be out here dancin' with the stars"... what's wrong with "Dancing with The Stars"?? Kim was on it in season 7!

In fairness, she finished 11th out of 13, so maybe he's right, the family can't be relying on that for income.

One person who did take notice of the lyric was "DWTS" pro Val Chmerkovskiy.

6. Kenny G

Nothing to see here — just a Kenny G sax solo.

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