'North West' Recaps KUWTK: Khloe's Forced to Face What Lamar Odom Wrote in His Book
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"Even though Lamar had his demons, he seemed like a good guy and didn't make out with Jordyn, so he's okay in my book," writes Nori's Black Book.

The woman behind Nori's Black Book -- a viral parody Instagram account written entirely in the voice of Kim Kardashian's sassy 6-year-old daughter -- is bringing her talents to TooFab.

Each week, "Nori" recaps new episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and gives us HER take on all the family drama.

(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" started with Scott and Khloe watching a dog show on television. Scott thought his dog, Hershela (Hersh), looked better than the dogs in the show, so he got the idea to put her in a dog show.

I wonder if Sofia knows this is how he spends his time while she's at daycare all day. -NW

Khloe and MJ visited Kylie at her Kylie Cosmetics office. Khloe announced that her ex-husband, Lamar, was coming out with a book. She said she was a little nervous because she hadn't spoken to him since he got back on his feet after he was hospitalized for a drug overdose. But she said she wasn't worried about him writing anything negative about their relationship or the family in the book. She just wanted him to tell the truth.

We have successfully avoided former friends and family members writing a real tell-all about us. Silence can be bought. You wouldn't believe the fat check I had to write Younes. I'm sure I'll have to give Larsa twice as much when we're finally done with her. -NW

Khloe moved back in her house after five long months of renovations. Kim visited to talk about her upcoming trip the White House. She was invited to the White House to make a speech about prison reform, and she was going to announce a new partnership with Lyft to make people's re-entry into society easier. Khloe said she was doing a great thing and changing lives.

Mommy also wanted to release a prison reform-themed eye shadow palette for KKW Beauty to promote the partnership. I told her that would be a little over-the-top and poor timing. Save it for the holiday collection. -NW

After working out with their personal trainer, Khloe and Malika watched Lamar's "Good Morning America" interview. It was his first on-camera interview for his book. Lamar said he loved being on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and admitted that he owed Khloe and her family an apology. Malika asked Khloe if if she would read Lamar's book. She jokingly said she'd have no problem reading it but that she already knows what happens.

Kris got a text while conducting some press interviews. The message was from a friend letting her know that Lamar claimed Kris helped orchestrate his run-in with Khloe at her SoulCycle class. The run-in caused a huge fight between Kris and Khloe. Though she still claims she didn't do it, Kris quickly tried to do damage control because she was sure Khloe would get mad all over again.

Lamar reached out to me for advice on whether or not he should expose Kris in his book. I told him it that it might devastate her and damage her relationship with Auntie Khloe. So I said absolutely, yes, put it in the book. In all caps, bold text. -NW

Scott hired a dog handler to come to his house to show him the ropes on how to train Hersh for a dog show. After the training, the dog handler said she saw potential in Hersh. Scott was excited and could see his dog winning.

However, when Scott contacted the dog show association (American Kennel Club), they informed him his dog couldn't compete because her eyes were not the same color. Scott was bummed out, so he decided to organize his own dog show at his house instead.

The unemployed have so much time on their hands. I'm a little jealous. -NW

At Kim's house, Khloe told Kim that Kris had been lying for years about the SoulCycle situation. Lamar alleged it in his book. It didn't bother Khloe, but she didn't understand why Kris would lie about it.

Later, Kris and MJ helped Scott shop for some accessories for his house. They were greeted at the door of the store by the paparazzi. While shopping, Khloe called Kris several times, but Kris would not answer the phone. She was avoiding Khloe because she assumed Khloe was mad and wanted to talk about the SoulCycle situation.

Calling the paparazzi and staging photos is peak Kris Jenner.

Kris avoided me as well after she booked me for the cover of Harper's Baazar with Saint. I was so mad, and she knew it. Since she didn't want to answer my calls, I sent her flowers every day for a month with nasty messages written in the cards. For added cruelty, I signed them Corey Gamble. -NW

At Kourtney’s house, Khloe told Kim and Kourtney that she texted Lamar about the story he put in his book about Khloe beating up the girl he was in a hotel room with. She said she was surprised he remembered the story because he was not in the best state of mind at the time. Kourtney was surprised to know that Lamar really had a book out. She didn't think it was a real thing. Khloe went on to say that Lamar eventually called her and wanted to see her and catch up. Khloe wasn't sure she wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with him because she didn't want to mislead him. She said she missed him, but not so much that she wanted to get back together. For support, Kim offered to be with her when she met with Lamar.

Auntie Kourt is always so surprised to hear that other people are working.

I totally wanted Auntie Khloe to meet up with Lamar on camera. The ratings would have been gold. My editing team could've made it last at least three episodes. -NW

Kim went to Washington, D.C. to give her speech at the White House. She brought along her attorneys, who helped her with the initiative she was going to announce. They were also helping her study for the bar. Kim had a speech prepared, but was not able to bring it with her to the podium, so she had to wing it. She announced the ride share program with Lyft, which will provide transportation for previously incarcerated individuals.

Mommy wants to remind you again that she's studying to be a lawyer and taking the bar. You will be getting this reminder all season long. -NW

Khloe visited Scott at his house and told him that she had been looking for Kris but couldn't get in touch with her. Scott told her that Kris was avoiding her because she thought Khloe was mad about the SoulCycle situation, and she was afraid that Khloe was going to come for her. Khloe thought Kris being scared of her was ridiculous because the situation happened years ago. She was more annoyed that Kris was avoiding her. Khloe and Scott conjured up a plan to lure Kris to Scott's house so that Khloe could finally confront her.

Scott called Kris and pretended to have the flu so Kris would come to his house. Kris brought soup and other supplies. Scott texted Khloe and let her know that Kris was at the house. Khloe rushed over and confronted Kris about avoiding her. Khloe couldn't believe Kris was avoiding her over something that happened years ago. Kris said she was scared that Khloe would be mad at her all over again. Khloe assured her that she was not mad, and they hugged it out.

The SoulCycle situation happened so long ago that there was really no reason for Auntie Khloe to be mad at Kris. However, I am looking forward to finding out whether Kris has sold her out more recently when Tristan decides to release his book. -NW

Khloe visited Kim and gave her an update about whether or not she was going to meet with Lamar. She felt good that he apologized publicly, but Khloe didn't think it was a good idea to reach out and have a face-to-face conversation. She said she realized their chapter as a couple is closed and that she wanted to be respectful of his girlfriend. Khloe said she loved Lamar and wanted beautiful things for him but didn't need to meet up with him.

Kim said she showed North a picture of Lamar holding her and tried to explain that Khloe was married to him. North was shocked and didn't remember anything about Lamar. Khloe thought that was wild and said her marriage to Lamar felt like a lifetime ago.

I'm sorry, I don't really remember Lamar. All I know is what I've seen on past episodes of the show. Even though Lamar had his demons, he seemed like a good guy and didn't make out with Jordyn, so he's okay in my book. -NW

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!

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