Heroin Found In Child's Trick Or Treat Bag
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"We have an infant here, a five and seven-year-old. Anyone of them could've grabbed it."

Police are warning parents after heroin was found in a child's trick or treat bag in New Jersey.

The boy's mother called police after she discovered a small package of white powder in his bag after a Trick-or-Treat event in Rio Grande.

After being tested in a lab, officials confirmed it was indeed the potentially deadly drug.

"I looked at it twice and I said this is not candy," the boy's mother — who did not want to be identified — told ABC6. "I showed it to my sister and we realized that it was not candy and then we called the police."

"I'm so thankful no one got to it. We have an infant here, a five and seven-year-old. Anyone of them could've grabbed it."

Police are now investigating how the narcotic got into the child's possession; the Shore Family Success Center, which hosted the event, is cooperating with the investigation.

Parents are being advised to thoroughly check their child's haul before allowing them to consume any.

Michelle DeWeese, first assistant prosecutor for Cape May County, warned parents not to even touch suspicious substances.

"If you do see anything suspicious do not touch it because anything laced with fentanyl, while that was not the case with our matter, anything laced with fentanyl can be deadly," she said.

"We're in the middle of an opioid epidemic. It's everywhere. It's in our children's trick-or-treat bags."

Police warned to be especially wary of 'candies' that are not in a sealed manufacturers wrapper, including anything contained in plastic baggies or cling film.

Police are also warning parents to be vigilant of cannabis products such as gummies and chocolates, that come in colorful packaging attractive to children, and look, smell and even taste like regular treats.

Authorities in states where recreational cannabis is not yet legal are on alert, where parents are less likely to recognize the difference.

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