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The "Terminator" star opens up about his relationship with Trump, lying as governor and scares James Corden into revealing what he recently spoke with Ivanka Trump about.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did something no other celebrity has managed on James Corden's worst-favorite game, Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.

The Terminator himself was absolutely fearless when faced with a spinning table of disgusting foods like jellyfish, bug trifle and turkey testicles. Or perhaps it's that he was so fearful of the foods he didn't fear the questions that accompanied them.

The game is simple enough, either answer an impossibly difficult question or dine on an impossibly disgusting dish. And yet, Arnold managed to take it to a whole 'nother level right off the bat.

We were dying when he asked James the first question, and immediately started in with the intimidation tactics. Let's just say the 72-year-old former governor of California still knows how to put on a terrifying expression and demeanor. "Come clean," he told James. "Look me in the eyes, don't look at the food."

He even glared hard at him and shouted, "Do it, do it now!" James admitted he was feeling a little overwhelmed in that steely gaze as he had to decide between revealing which other late-night show he'd cancel if he had the power or drinking bird saliva.

Ultimately, James cowered from the tough questions, but Arnold proved he was as tough as he sounded. When James asked him to admit to something he lied about when he was governor, Arnold went into a hilarious story about he he managed to slip the message 'F--k you' into a letter to a legislator whose bill he'd just vetoed and the lied his butt off to the press about it.

Later, he was challenged to talk about his involvement with both Planet Hollywood and Donald Trump and he proved candid there as well. Meanwhile, James was asked how much money was involved with his recent three-year contract extension with CBS, which force him into a disgusting bug trifle. He did share his own hilariously awkward story about what he hollered at Ivanka Trump with Orlando Bloom.

But in the end, it was clear that Arnold was the winner of this one. He even teased James saying that he thought the questions would be harder when he sat down to play the game. To this point, he had eaten nothing.

He had intimidated a member in the audience when they laughed at the Planet Hollywood question, which was as brilliantly funny to watch as how he played mind games with James. We always forget how funny Arnold can be.

But when James pulled out a bonus card and asked him to rank his "Expendables" co-stars (Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Mickey Rourke) based on their acting talent, the governator was facing his biggest challenge yet. Could he do it? Check out the end of the above video to find out.

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