Courteney Cox Just Won Halloween With This Tribute to Her Scream 3 Bangs
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"I say I bring them back."

"Scream 3" is loved for a lot of things -- taking the franchise to Hollywood, Carrie Fisher's incredible cameo, everything Parker Posey does -- but the most talked about aspect of the movie has to be Courteney Cox's infamous bangs.

The blunt cut was a huge departure from Gale Weathers' streaked bob in the second film and didn't mirror anything we had seen on Cox's "Friends" alter-ego Monica Geller either. They're truly an enigma.

In celebration of Halloween, Cox paid tribute to the derided hairstyle in epic form with an Instagram video that quickly went viral.

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Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🖤

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"It's Halloween so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies," she said in the selfie video. "I chose 'Scream 3' and I noticed that Gale Weathers has those infamous bangs. I don't think there's anything that wrong with it. I think they're cool."

As the franchise's signature song, "Red Right Hand," began to play in the background, she then whipped out some scissors, exclaimed "I say bring them back" and started cutting her hair. There's a very good chance she was actually just cutting a wig, but either way, we're living.

The video ends with someone dressed in the Ghostface costume jumping up behind her, knife in hand.

"The fact that people say 'forever on film,' that is really true and it's so bad," Cox said of the 'do earlier this year. "I liked to change her hair every time. I had these bangs and they were cut too short. At that time in my life, I wasn't the kind of person who would say, 'You know what? These are too short. We need to get new bangs.'"

The look was actually a wig, "I was just like, 'Oh, well, okay, oh God, they don't look great.' In reality I should have said, 'No, no, no we have to get new bangs.' I did not stick up for myself and hence I look horrible. That was a big lesson—take care of yourself."

Her ex-husband, David Arquette, also revealed that he's really the one to blame. "I have to take the fall for this," he said on Instagram. "I suggested a Bettie Page look. It just didn't work. I take full responsibility."

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