Tiffany Haddish Joins Ellen's Scaredy-Cat EP in a Haunted House and We're Not Sure Who Screamed More
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"Average Andy" Lassner is famously skittish and terrified of haunted houses, but Haddish proved absolutely no help at all as she was screaming and jumping at nothing at all.

Every year, Ellen DeGeneres sends her executive producer "Average Andy" Lassner into one of the area's haunted houses because he gets scared easily and he absolutely hates them ... which somehow never stops being funny or gets old.

Still, she likes to spice things up by sending one of her celebrity friends along to help him out and give him some much-needed courage when the spooks get to be too much for him. This year, though, it was an epic fail as Ellen chose Tiffany Haddish.

If Andy jumps and freaks out at every little movement or thing that happens inside the haunted house, Tiffany had herself so freaked out before it even started that she was jumping at absolutely nothing.

This year, Ellen sent the pair of them to Universal Studio's "Us"-themed attraction, and they got some fantastic performers to step into the shoes of the film's twisted doppelgangers of Lupito Nyong'o. In fact, with the stellar makeup and performance work, some of them could have stood in for the actress and no one would have been the wiser.

Hilariously, when one of these spooked Tiffany, she yelled at her, "We're not trying to f--k with you, Lupita!"

As usual, Andy shouted his way through the entire thing, chastising the staff for doing their job too well. We were cracking up every time he told someone they could only scare him one time, as if there were these unwritten rules they were violating.

At another point while they were between rooms the frightened pair did a wellness check on one another. But as they did, another doppelganger stretched beyond the partition, sending Andy into a "Friends" tirade: "We are on a break!" he shouted. "Which part of 'break' do you not get?"

Impressively, Andy and Tiffany took turns being the brave one, with Andy pulling her through some segments of the haunted house, while at other times he was literally cowering behind her and pushing her forward like a human shield.

It was all good in the end, though, as they embraced like they'd just survived something much more harrowing than a haunted house.

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