Bachelor Colton and Cassie Are Real Deal, Says Country Star Who Cast Them In Music Video (Exclusive)
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"You don't wanna be struggling in your relationship and be around these two," says Adam Doleac, who recruited the "Bachelor" couple to star in his video for "Famous."

Since the dawn of Bachelor Nation, there's been skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of the relationships forged on the ABC series.

But when it comes to "Bachelor" Season 23 alums Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, they're the real deal -- this according to country star Adam Doleac, who recruited the couple to star in his new music video for his catchy single, "Famous."

"I've been saying this since I met them," Adam told TooFab. "They are very much in love, very happy people. They've been amazing to work with. You never know how people are gonna be. Before they got [to Nashville] to shoot the video, we had never met each other, just talked online a little bit and whatnot. I don't have enough good things to say about them. It's been great."

"You don't wanna be struggling in your relationship and be around these two," he added. "They'll make you feel really bad about it."

"Famous" is about a man falling for an unassuming woman, which is somewhat reflective of the way Colton and Cassie's relationship began. As for how they ended up playing the "celebrity" and "production assistant" in Doleac's video, the musician says they were the first "famous" people to express their love for his song.

"We were driving up to Aspen, and I think it was a month after the show just wrapped, so we were still sort of in this weird spotlight that we were still trying to figure out how to manage while being in the public for the first time," Underwood told us. "It just resonated for us because fame and being famous -- nobody's meant for that or built for it."

For her part, Randolph said the "changes" that come with fame are easier to manage because she has a partner she can "lean on" and "trust." And in their case, Colton and Cassie experienced the same level of instant fame at virtually the same time.

Of the video itself, Cassie said she feels the "underdog" scenario reflects her own love story with Colton.

"That typically might not be what people thought, like the movie star falling for a PA instead of falling for another movie star," Underwood elaborated. "But I think it correlates sort of with my season of 'The Bachelor.' It didn't end in the normal way that a season of 'The Bachelor' should [end], or what the fans thought it should end like."

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