Watch Lizzo Curse and Twerk Her Way Through Ellen's Haunted House With a Terrified Andy Lassner
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"We are 100 percent those scary ass bitches," Lizzo and Average Andy declare after completing the nightmare.

This just might be the most entertaining thing to come out of the Halloween season this year.

In honor of the spooky holiday, Ellen DeGeneres had none other than Lizzo as her next victim in the ongoing torture sessions of her producer Andy Lassner.

Average Andy is forced to endure multiple haunted houses each year alongside various celebrities throughout the month of October -- and Lizzo capped things off Thursday with the most quote-worthy one yet.

Here's a sampling of what you can enjoy in the video above:

"Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!" Lizzo screams while pushing through the monster infested hallways.

"Jewish!" Andy mutters pointing at his own chest. "Jewish."

"Get yo ass out the way," the artist yells as she bounces through the tight hallway past another monster, "Get yo ass out the way!"

"F--k you I'm out," Lizzo declares after one particularly terrifying encounter.

"Why you gotta be tall!?" She says in response to a character in stilts.

"F--k my weave," Lizzo says after tumbling to the ground.

"We are 100 percent those scary ass bitches," the duo declares after finishing the haunt.

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