Kris Jenner Denies O.J. Simpson Affair, Says Rumors Are 'Tasteless and Disgusting'
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During the show, Kris confided in Khloe that the accusations have come close to a breaking point for the mother-of-six.

Kris Jenner is shutting down rumors that she had an affair with O.J. Simpson, once again.

During Sunday's "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the momager revealed she was dealing with a new round of accusations that she had a romantic relationship with O.J., the former husband of her late best friend Nicole Brown Simpson.

Nicole was murdered alongside Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994. O.J. was tried for their murders and acquitted, but was later found liable in a civil lawsuit.

"They printed a story that I was sleeping with O.J.," Kris said during the episode. "That f--king piece of s--t. It's really kind of pathetic that when rumors get started the media gives it life and breath and on the anniversary of Nicole's death. It's so tasteless and disgusting."

Both Kris and O.J. have previously denied they had an affair while Kris was married to Robert Kardashian Sr. The "hot tub hookup" rumor maintained O.J. was the father of Kris' daughter Khloe.

During the show, Kris confided in Khloe that the accusations have come close to a breaking point for the mother-of-six.

"After 25 years, you'd think it just wouldn't be a thing," Kris said on the verge of tears. "It's just lie after lie after lie after lie, and it's only so much that one human being can take."

"I'm so over stupid rumors of things that never happened," she added. "I think it's just really wrong."

While Khloe urged her mother to focus on the positive, Kris decided it was time to fight back.

"I just think it's really unfair to Nicole's family, my family, for these stupid rumors to be flying around out there," she began. "It's always right there under the surface. My team has decided to take legal action because once and for all I have to do something about it."

Later in the episode, after sitting down for a chat with her friend Faye Resnick, Kris realized she needed to let the negative feelings go and pay attention to the beautiful relationship she had with Nicole.

"I think I've realized that I've latched onto the legal side of stuff, rather than deal with the emotional side of myself that just misses my girlfriend," she said. "There's a part of me that gets so angry that I mask my emotions of sadness. But I think that instead of focusing on something so tragic I think we just need to have these amazing memories that we had with her and celebrate all of that."

"I think the way I want to focus on Nicole's life in the future is just to celebrate the beautiful woman that she was," Kris added.

For his part, O.J. spoke out against the rumors on Twitter when the story of the affair spread in June.

"You know, Bob Kardashian, he was like a brother to me. He was a great guy. He met and married Kris and they really had a terrific time together, when they were together," he began. "Unfortunately, that ended. But never -- and I want to stress, never, in any shape or form -- have I ever had any interest in Kris, romantically or sexually, and I never got any indication that she had any interest in me. So all of these stories are bogus, bad, tasteless."

"I'm really happy that he set the record straight," Kris said in a confessional after watching the Twitter video. "Done and done."

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