RHOA's Kenya Moore Lays Out Exactly Why She Doesn't Like NeNe Leakes
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She also opens up about her relationship with her estranged husband.

Kenya Moore was in a unique position Tuesday morning on "The Wendy Williams Show," where she was put on the spot about her volatile relationship with "Real Housewives of Atlanta" costar NeNe Leakes by one of NeNe's good friends.

Almost immediately after Moore hit the stage, Williams brought up NeNe's name, telling Leakes to not be mad at Kenya. "No one cares about her," Kenya shot back. "But that's my friend," exclaimed Wendy.

"I see something in her maybe other people don't see in her," Wendy added, defending NeNe, "She's experienced tremendous growth." Kenya didn't see it, however, which she made very clear when the morning show host flat out asked why she doesn't like Leakes.

"I like people who are genuine and I think through the years, I felt like I was a friend once we got over our little hump and that turned into something different," she explained. "When I had a high risk pregnancy ... she never once called me, when I did show up, she never checked on my child. She never asked, 'Is everything okay?' when she learned I wasn't going to be on the show. She never said, 'You okay girl, you need anything?' And when she did see me 8 months pregnant, she called me a monster, she said my child was a buffalo and she was hurling insults."

Looking at Wendy she added, "That's your friend. She's not friends with people, she has allies."

She also reiterated her claim that her costar tried to spit on her while filming the show, which she says will be shown later this season. When Williams then told Moore that she was "after" NeNe's paycheck, calling her the show's "top biller," Kenya said that wasn't the case.

"Kandi makes the most money. If I was coming for anybody's purse and bag, it would be Kandi's," she said. "And Kandi is the HBIC on that show. I'm just a player, I have a nice coin, I love my little bag I take home at night and it feeds my child very well. I'm not coming for anybody's money."

When asked about NeNe's absence from the season premiere, Moore simply said, "When you have issues, those issues will be recognized through the network and they will put you in your place." According to NeNe, she was still in contract negotiations at the time and won't make her debut until the third episode.

The other big topic of conversation this morning was Kenya's relationship with Marc Daly, from whom she split earlier this year.

"We are working to raise our child and be civil to each other for now," she told Wendy, saying the two have not filed for divorce yet and adding that she would love to attend counseling with him. Williams also asked if the two stayed together while Kenya was in New York, as that's where Marc lives. She said they didn't.

"When we were at the birthday party, he couldn't take his eyes off me. He's made it clear he's still in love, I'm still in love. We kissed each other at the end of the day," she explained. "No tongue, I have to hold something back. There is love there. The distance and everything else is just pulling us apart."

She then took aim at NeNe again while defending her marriage, saying it was a legal ceremony, no matter what Leakes may say. "I am legally married, be clear, I have receipts. Don't tell me about my marriage," she said. "I got married in St. Lucia. We had a legal ceremony. We did not have a civil ceremony, it's legal and my attorneys know it's legal. Unless she has a law degree, then she can talk to me about the law."

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays on Bravo.