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"Right now, I feel like I could punch a tiger," Corden said at one point. "It's only now I realize I was dead before this moment."

James Corden is putting his courage to the test.

In a hilarious sketch from Wednesday night's episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden," the host, who had two hours to kill, called up actor Jason Momoa to hang out. However, unbeknownst to Corden, a day with the "Aquaman" star consisted of learning some of his dangerous hobbies including motorcycles, whips and arrows.

After a ride on some Mad Max-looking vintage motorcycles, where Corden ultimately opted to sit in Momoa's sidecar, the pair went to a park to tackle some archery -- an activity Momoa said he enjoys with his wife, Lisa Bonet.

While the "Game of Thrones" star showed off his skills, Corden struggled to even get his arrow on the target board.

"I've never felt like less of a man," the host admitted. "You're throwing Tomahawks and I'm literally watching 'The Bake Off.'"

Momoa decided to take it up a notch and made a new target: an apple on the top of Corden's head. However, the actor then made it even more difficult by blindfolding himself, taking inspiration from the blind character he plays in his new Apple TV series "See."

"Jason, there's no way you're going to fire an arrow through an apple on my head," Corden said. "There's no reason for this. I already think you're amazing."

Despite Momoa's confidence, Corden was still very nervous to stand in front of the target. Therefore, the "Cats" star put in a dummy in his place and put the apple on top.

Momoa then shot the arrow, which tapped the apple off and pierced through the top of the dummy's head.

"What was that? Corden asked. "I'd be dead!" Momoa brushed it off and replied, "Bro, I got the apple...It hurts that you didn't trust me."

Corden then added, "Well, however much that hurts. That would have hurt a lot more."

After avoiding a possible near-death experience, the two then moved on to a third activity: whips. According to Momoa, he learned the skill while he was training for his role on "See."

Momoa first had Corden start with the smaller whip before progressing to the full-size whip. And Corden actually wasn't too bad at the activity.

"Right now, I feel like I could punch a tiger," he said at one point. "It's only now I realize I was dead before this moment."

"I'm going to go home and make love to my wife," he added.

Momoa then challenged Corden to the ultimate test of cracking an egg using a whip. See how he did in the clip, above.

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