The Most Sad, Shocking and Brutal 'Walking Dead' Deaths So Far

There's also a mysterious illness making the rounds, a new hostage and a new pair to ship.

The world of "The Walking Dead" is expanding yet again, as one of the final locations left to explore from the comics seems to be inching closer to its small screen debut.

While a lot of tonight's action dealt with the Whisperers and their interactions with Negan, Carol and Daryl, it's Eugene's storyline that could have the biggest impact on the show's future.

In "Bonds," viewers saw the babbling smartypants make first contact with the woman whose voice we first heard in the Season 9 finale. While putting his radio to use, the mystery lady came through again.

Initially, they're both hesitant to share too many current details about each other, afraid any info could be used against them. Instead, they talked about their pasts, with Eugene realizing he once visited her hometown of Strasburg, Pennsylvania as a kid.

Following an "enjoyable" conversation, Eugene wanted to take the relationship to the next level, hoping to get some specifics. Though she was hesitant, he dove in, giving her his name and asking if they could speak to each other "on the reg" going forward. She told him she'd like that "very much."


So, why is this important? Well, in the comics, it's Eugene who makes first contact with a woman named Stephanie, who is a radio operator for the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is a community of survivors that almost runs like a modern-day city, far more advanced than Alexandria. Many have speculated that's also where Maggie is now on the show, until she returns next season.


Also making "Bonds" this week were Negan and Beta, after Negan gave himself over to the Whisperers at the end of the previous episode. Alpha initially kept her distance, instead letting her right hand man test their captor to see if he could cut it as a member of their flesh-wearing tribe.

To say Beta and Negan didn't get along would be an understatement. Beta was not a fan of his "constant noise" and expressed his desire to slit Negan's throat. While Beta is Alpha's willing follower, Negan said he's never kneeled for anyone. Making matters worse, Negan also made a comment that Alpha's bald head "tightens my breeches." Yeah, Beta didn't find it amusing in the least.

The test run included digging, skinning walkers, carrying dead bodies, hunting and roasting a pig -- a feast he then couldn't parktake in when it was ready. "You will never be one of us," Beta told him after his trial, "You're too loud, too weak, too full of ego. You are waste and Alpha will see it."

Unfortunately for Beta, Negan did prove himself worthy by showing back up at the Whisperer campsite after being left for dead among a pack of walkers. "I'm ready for my goddamn skin suit," he said to Alpha. Then, as only Negan could, he added, "You best bring that extra long tape measurer on account of my humungous balls."

The moment ended with Negan doing something he had never done before: kneeling before someone else.


In the comics, Negan joins the Whisperers for a while, earns Alpha's trust, before slitting her throat. This show, however, is known for switching things up. We wouldn't be surprised if this storyline leads to Beta's death instead, considering their interactions this week.


As all this was going on, Daryl and Carol were also trailing the Whisperers, trying to find their horde. Carol had a plan to "destroy it," though Daryl is becoming more and more concerned his best friend has a death wish to kill Alpha.

Their friendship really came through as they talked about Connie, with Carol trying to talk Daryl into pursuing her romantically. "You don't have to be alone," she told him, "You can't hide out with your dog forever." While a certain group of the fandom wants to see these two become a thing, their friendship is even more enjoyable to watch.

After being separated in the woods hiding from Whisperers, they regrouped at the end -- only to find Carol got herself a nice hostage.

Meanwhile, viewers also learned there's a stomach bug going around Alexandria, with Rosita among the sick. Could it be the Whisperers poisoning their water source? Or something else going on here?

Dante and Siddiq -- is it too soon to ship them? Because we do -- are dealing with the fallout, but Siddiq is still having serious issues of his own. At one point, he blacked out while holding baby Coco, only to wake up at the top of the windmill. Yeah, that's not good.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays on AMC.

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