Khloe Kardashian Didn't Know She Won People's Choice Award, Apologizes to Angry Fans
Every Must-See Look From the 2019 People's Choice Awards

The reality star claims she did not hear her second win announced while accepting her first trophy.

Khloe Kardashian had to backtrack a bit and apologize to fans after not thanking them for her win at the 2019 People's Choice Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

The "Good American" Designer took to the stage at the Barker Hangar with sisters Kim, Kourtney and momager Kris Jenner to accept The Reality Show of 2019. While they got up from their tables, shuffled a bit on stage and prepared to speak, the voice-over host also announced Khloe had won for Reality Star of 2019 during that time.

After only Kim and Kris spoke, and the iconic family went back to their seats, fans were upset that Khloe didn't acknowledge her solo win or their support by voting her as top of the category.

One disgruntled follower posted, "b--ch we ain't voting next year if you just gon stand up there and not say s--t @khloekardashian."

But the mother-of-one was quick to reply, blaming the acoustics for missing out on the announcement of her individual win.

"It's so beyond loud in there. I had no idea I won an individual award until we walked off stage. I feel so badly right now. I am so f--king grateful and appreciative! I can’t believe I didn’t say anything but I didn’t hear that I won until after," she posted to Twitter.

Fans appeared to accept her apology, but just to seal the deal, Khloe made an Instagram story with Kourtney further explaining the misunderstanding.

"We never really know what to say and we're so grateful, we're so thankful," Khloe noted. "I won an award as well, but we just get nervous. I know people don't think we do."

"I won Best Reality Star, but I declined, so Khloe really won," Kourtney joked.

"So she gave me her hand-me-down award and I'm fine with that," Khloe quipped. "We just want you to know that we do know how to speak. We just get nervous."

Kim chimed in with some big sister support too as she said on her Instagram story, "Khloe's going to get her moment, guys. She won Reality Star of the year. So they kind of put it with the family one, but this woman deserves a moment!

Following the awards show, the Kardashian clan went back to their compound to celebrate the 39th birthday of Kris' longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Earlier in the day, Kris took to Instagram to give a sweet tribute to her partner, writing, "Happy Birthday, @coreygamble!!! I love you babe! Thank you for holding us all down and being such a rock. You are the most amazing partner, best friend and ride or die, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for being on this crazy journey with me. I love you."

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