Remembering Whitney Houston: Her Most Memorable Moments

"We didn't know what you looked like but our plan was to go down to Hudson Street ... [and] wait for you."

Robyn Crawford continued her press tour for her new book about her relationship with Whitney Houston, today sitting down with Wendy Williams for an interview that certainly went there.

The segment took up two blocks of the show, as Williams asked about everything from their alleged first intimate encounter together to whether Robyn believed Bobby Brown was abusive during Whitney's marriage. She was also asked about Houston's drug use, why they broke off the physical aspect of their relationship and where Robyn was when she heard Whitney had passed away.

Most interesting of all, however, was the revelation that Robyn and Whitney planned to surprise Wendy and confront her over some of the smack she was talking on her radio show back in the day. After Wendy revealed she actually covered Whitney's wedding to Bobby by flying over it in a helicopter, she then talked about a combative radio interview she once had with Whitney back in 2003.

"I had never met her," said Williams. "You acted like ... you talked you did," exclaimed Crawford.

"I heard that interview ... That was a cumulative, fed up Whitney Houston that I heard," said Robyn. When Wendy asked if she meant fed up with her or with the world, Robyn said, "You had been talking about Whitney and myself for so long." Wendy then said a lot of what she had been claiming at the time was confirmed in Crawford's book.

"A lot of things ... we'd get in the car, the radio was on, everyone lived by the radio back then. We're in the car and you're talking like you live with us, like you're roommates with us," said Robyn. "We'd be sitting still and Whitney would say, 'Who the ... who is she? Who is this woman? We were gonna ..."

"You were gonna jump me?" interjected Wendy. "We didn't know what you looked like but our plan was to go down to Hudson Street ... wait for you," said Crawford. "We weren't gonna fight, we just wanted to see you face to face and have a chat."

"I'm frightened. I dodged that bullet," joked Williams.

Here are some of the other noteworthy moments from the interview:

  • Crawford said the two met while working together at the community development center in East Orange, New Jersey when they were teenagers. "We had a connection and we would go out for lunch together and we just clicked." She said the first time they became physical, "We sat back on her sofa, on the floor and it was that time. A time to just get a little closer, so we did. It was just like that, a little closer."

  • Though they remained the closest of friends, Crawford said Whitney was the one who wanted to take the intimate encounters out of the equation. "Whitney said to me one day, she came to my house, she said I don't think we should be physical because where we're going, if people found out about it, they would use it against us," she claimed. "It was the '80s and that's how it was."

  • She said she wasn't jealous of any of the men in Whitney's life, but "felt some kind of way" that Houston didn't tell her about her alleged relationship with Jermaine Jackson. "I don't know what she was feeling, why she kept it from me," she said. "I didn't care, I just wanted her to share who she was. Once we got through that, we were good."

  • When asked if she believed Bobby Brown was abusive to Houston, she said, "From what I understand, yes." She added, "Bobby saved his worst behavior for when I wasn't around. Bobby never dismissed me and I never moved on from Whitney's company because of Bobby. He did not push me out. She was isolated, she became isolated, that's what I would say. They were together, isolated. I didn't see as much of her as I used to or needed to."

  • Crawford said Brown wasn't responsible for introducing Whitney to cocaine, saying that drugs were "everywhere" once Houston started touring. That being said, "We weren't looking for it. Whitney was focused. You don't accomplish what she did sitting around getting high all day," she said.

  • Robyn found out about Whitney's death while on a double date with her wife and another couple. "It was a Saturday and I ended up at a restaurant in New Hope, Pennsylvania with a couple my wife and I did not know well and we had a sitter looking after our children and my phone was on the table and it was buzzing," she recalled. "One after the other. Finally, the woman that we were having dinner with, she asked could she answer her phone because her sister had called a number of times. And she finally hung up the phone and she said, 'My sister is this huge Whitney Houston fan and they say she passed.'" She then called a mutual friend and asked if it was true, confirming the news.

Robyn Crawford's memoir "A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston" is out now. See more stories about the book below!